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A Threads API is on the way

Although it has not been long since the launch of the social network Threads, it has managed to attract many users. It is also developing and releasing new features to improve the user experience to stay ahead of its competitors. In line with this, Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, has announced that an API for the social network Threads is on the way.

API for Threads

Recently, in response to a question from a user on Twitter, Adam Mosseri announced that his team is working on an API for Threads. This feature allows developers to create programs and experiences around the Threads social network. However, this feature is not yet available to users, and Threads is still testing it, but its launch is very close.

Uses of APIs in Threads

One of the most important uses of APIs is for news publishers who use third-party tools to send their news automatically. Because without APIs, publishers would have to post their content manually; if the number of articles is high, this will require a lot of time. That is why the target users for this new feature are companies and content publishers, and it has no specific application for content creators and ordinary users.

Next Steps for Threads Development

The Threads development team plans to add new features to Threads in the future that are not currently available in Threads. For example, the platform is also looking to integrate the ActivityPub API but is not developing this option at this stage. Or add features to this platform, like creating lists or following specific topics.

Reason for the increase in popularity of Threads

The social network Threads has had an important year and has reached 100 million monthly active users just a few months after its launch. Most of this success is due to its connection to Instagram and Meta's extensive advertising to promote this platform. In fact, without Meta's connection, it seems unlikely that Threads would have had such success. Of course, it should not be forgotten that Elon Musk's challenges with Twitter have also played a role in the increase in the popularity of Threads.

Will Threads be successful in maintaining its popularity in the long run?

The Threads team has so far shown that it is looking for a different approach to app development and is set to create a suitable platform for its users to operate on, and it has been largely successful. But we need to see if Threads can take firm steps in 2024 and beyond to keep its current users happy and encourage new users to join the platform. But with 100 million users or more, the API will greatly help a large segment of businesses.

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