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Affiliate Marketing Methods Updated

With greetings and due respects We inform you that new methods for affiliate marketing are offered on the v-User website…

If you own a content website or a store in IT field....

If you have a social media page with so many followers...

If you are relatively skilled and experienced in sales, convincing and marketing...

We have interesting news for you:

We have updated our old methods of affiliate marketing in order to increase the commission and profit you receive from us and also to make the conditions easier for affiliate marketing with us.

Currently, 2 main methods of affiliate marketing have been considered

  • Selling through a referral link (or code) with a 25% commission
  • Selling robotic files with 50% profit

It is also possible for you to customize your name and brand on the products.

We recommend that you visit the new "Affiliate Marketing" page to know about the v-User affiliate marketing details.

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