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Application of Hashtags on LinkedIn

Hashtags are a handy tool for content categorization. Users can quickly find the content they are looking for by using hashtags. LinkedIn began using hashtags in 2018, and there are currently various reports on the effectiveness of hashtags on this platform. To the point that some believe that there is no longer a need to hashtag LinkedIn posts. Because over time, LinkedIn algorithms have evolved and perform very well in understanding a text, post, or image.

Therefore, it seems that hashtags are less important, and using relevant keywords in the post is sufficient to ensure that LinkedIn can show your post to interested audiences on that topic. An example of the application of hashtags on LinkedIn For example, look at the image below:

hashtag in linkedin

Based on this theory, LinkedIn does not need to add the duplicate hashtag #meta in this post, as the system can identify the name of meta in the text.

What does LinkedIn say about the use of hashtags?

LinkedIn's official stance on the use of hashtags is as follows: "The use of hashtags can be a helpful tool for users to easily identify what a post is about and find other relevant posts. However, it is important to use hashtags that are closely related to the topic of the post to have the greatest impact. In addition to hashtags, we also consider conversation topics and keywords to help provide relevant information for people looking to advance their careers."

Based on this statement, it is clear that LinkedIn believes that hashtags can be a useful way to categorize content and make it more discoverable. However, it is also important to use relevant hashtags to maximize the effectiveness of your posts.

Should you use hashtags on LinkedIn?

In general, it is still a good idea to use hashtags on LinkedIn, even if the platform's algorithms are constantly evolving. This is because users still use hashtags to search for conversations about specific topics.

If you want to use hashtags to promote your business on LinkedIn, you can follow popular pages and influencers in your industry to get a better understanding of the most common hashtags related to your niche.

For example, the following is a list of the 50 most popular hashtags on LinkedIn in 2021:

hashtag in linkedin


In this article, we discussed the importance of hashtags on LinkedIn. While some users believe that hashtags have little impact on the platform, LinkedIn itself says that using relevant hashtags can help content creators categorize their content and reach their audience.

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