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Banishing Instagram bots is easier than ever

Instagram has provided many updates on the eve of the new year. These updates create a better experience for the users of this social network. One of the latest things Meta company focuses on is removing Instagram bots and dealing with spam bots and users. How is this going to happen? The subject of our discussion in this article will be the same.

The possibility of mass removal of bots and spam followers

Meta company has made removing spam bots and followers much easier in the updated update. In a post published on its blog, Instagram writes: "All those who are creative and influential in Instagram activities are energized and enjoy its active community. They hurt others. Therefore, the new updates are to improve the personal experience of people who use this social network."

The new updates are all based on identifying spam bots and followers that give Azar activities. Now, they have become more accessible. This work aims to improve the quality of content published on Instagram.

Thanks to new updates and newer tools provided by the Instagram team, spam comments, spam tags, fake story views, and fake followers are now automatically detected, and mass removal is provided.

Separate inbox for spam people and comments

The Instagram company has stated that all the spam followers and comments you receive will be filtered separately in an inbox so that you can check them all together and delete them in bulk.

Your privacy is maintained throughout this process, so Meta Company stated that if you delete someone as spam, the person will not know it was from you. The worry about being recognized by users and their possible reactions to you is removed. It will not exist.

Although Instagram's spam detection system automatically detects people, you can still mark them as accurate if you're sure they're not bots or spam but natural people.

If you do not wish to participate in these activities, you will not be forced to do so. You can either delete or ignore all requests for 30 days; after this period, they will be deleted automatically.

Spam users receive a warning.

After the new updates, if a person behaves like a robot or posts spam content, he will receive a warning from Instagram about posting content that violates the company's guidelines. If you use fake views, you cannot view posts and story views. This feature is currently being tested, but it will undoubtedly increase the quality of the posts shared in the future.


Instagram is working hard to make bots, fake users, and spam content more accessible than ever. The new facilities and updates provided by this company align with this effort. Now, the process of removing fake followers or spam comments and spam content has become more accessible, and users themselves can identify and tag them. To what extent do these updates affect the quality of Instagram content?? Stay with us to be aware of the latest news related to social networks. We are waiting for your comments and questions.

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