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Create fun Story backgrounds with Instagram AI

With the start of using artificial intelligence, platforms like Instagram are trying to get involved. Recently, following these efforts, Instagram has added an attractive artificial intelligence called Backdrop to its stories section. Artificial intelligence that you can use ready-made templates or even write prompts for its different sections and publish creative and new images in your stories section. But how does this artificial intelligence work? How should it be used? In this article, we will teach you how to use it.

How to use AI Backdrop Instagram

Using Instagram's new artificial intelligence is simple yet engaging. You can use it in the following way.

1: In the first step, enter the Instagram application on your phone.

Note: This feature is only available on Instagram for Android and iOS.

2: Go to the Add Stories section

Do the same way you publish a story on Instagram. Select a photo to make a story and touch it.

3: Touch the Backdrop icon

In the upper part of the screen and next to the text icon, you can find the Backdrop icon. Touch it to start processing your photos. This artificial intelligence processes all the components of your photo and allows you to remove parts and select only the part you want to be used for the story.

4: Write a prompt

A box will open for you and you can write the prompt you want. After writing the prompt, you can choose one of the available options and click next. Otherwise, you can touch the restart button to reload and create a new prompt.

If you want to modify your old prompt, do a long touch on the old prompt until the typing indicator appears. Now you can change or edit the old text in the box. You can even paste the text.

Note: Your prompts must be in English. No other language is currently available for writing prompts

5: Publish your story

A few seconds later, the prompt you created will be converted to an image and applied to your photo. You can edit your new and edited photo like any other story with text, hashtags, or any background music you want. Finally, share it with others.


The new artificial intelligence of Instagram, namely Backdrop, is the trend of users these days. Exciting stories are generated by writing prompts and users share them with their friends and followers. This section is still new and needs work, but hopefully, in the future, it will be more professional and attractive than it is. In this article, we talked about how to use it and wrote a step-by-step tutorial. Follow the latest news related to social networks with us. We are waiting for your comments and questions in the comments section.

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