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Has the popularity of the X social network increased?

Twitter was one of the most popular social networks for following news. In 2023, Elon Musk ultimately bought its shares and made significant changes. The biggest of them was changing the name of Twitter to X. The changes caused the dissatisfaction of many users and lost a large number of users. But now that we are nearing the end of the year, has the popularity of social network X increased, or are users still avoiding it? In the following, we will understand the answer to this question.

There is no accurate information on how popular X is

In the past, Twitter provided reports every 3 months, which was an excellent tool to measure how much users were using it. These reports were reliable because Twitter was legally required to provide them, and we could cite them. But now, X has become a private entity and is not required to submit any report.

There needs to be accurate statistics on X's growth or decline under Elon Musk's leadership. Statistics show that users are using X less, and compared to last year, more users have downloaded and installed it on their phones.

The only data currently available is related to the report that Musk provided earlier last week, on December 15, 2023.

twitter organic traffic

This chart shows X's traffic increase index and can convince anyone that X has even surpassed Instagram in terms of usage popularity. Of course, we are sure this is not true and is not even close to reality.

Instagram has just over a billion active users every month. These users in the X social network number 500 million people. At best, this is a comparison chart of social network X compared to Instagram's IGTV section.

What needs to be clarified is what these numbers represent and what they represent.

Instagram and X website traffic have been compared

The numbers you see in the chart are taken from the SEMRush website. So, the graph compares the domain traffic of instagram.com vs. x.com. The comparison shows the visit through the browser, not through the app.

This is while more than 97% of Instagram users use its application. Therefore, this chart cannot reflect the correct statistics.

Also, consider that X social network posts are the most searched on Google, and you can find them. So, it is natural that the number of users entering site X is more than that of Instagram.

This week, another report using Ahrefs data showed that the X social network had a 22.3% increase in traffic compared to last year. This website does not have access to the user's application use and only checks access through the site.

All these statistics will be meaningless until the actual usage of users of social network X is published, and comparing it with any other social network will be empty in terms of statistics.

Domo statistical reports are reviewed.

In its recent report called Data Never Sleeps, Domo has shown that the number of posts published per minute on X has increased compared to last year. This number has increased from K347 per minute in 2022 to K360K. But this report even contradicts X's statement.

Elon said users shared 200 million posts a day on X in September. But Yaccarino corrected that this week, stating that 100 million posts are shared, 100 million replies are made, and 300 million are quoted and reposted daily. Even so, this information does not match Domo's reports.

Considering Domo's statistics of 360,000 posts per minute, X has something equivalent to 518 million posts per day, which is more than the statistics X himself announced. If 500 million posts are shared daily, they should expect 347,000 posts per minute. Here, too, these statistics cannot be trusted and counted on.

Yaccarino claims more than 10 million people signed up for X in December

instagram scam

Another strange X statistic is Yaccarino's claim that more than 10 million people signed up for X's social network in December. If 1.5 million people sign up daily, X should have 45 million new users monthly. At the same time, the statistics do not show such changes!

Musk presented other statistics and declared that these statistics were accurate. At the same time, critics say that this is not true. Even if Elon Musk's best fans spend all their time on this social network, the statistics still need to be corrected.


By checking the statistics, we concluded that there is no correct information about the X social network, and we cannot count on their correctness. It doesn't matter how many billion people are active out there; it matters whether they are your target audience. So, we still have to wait and see if X will improve under the leadership of Elon Musk or if it will not be suitable for marketing.

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