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Instagram anti-spam measures: new updates from Meta

One of the biggest concerns of Instagram is the quality of the content that is shared every day. A lot of spam and annoying content is exchanged throughout the day, and this will discourage users from continuing to use this application. Following the new updates before the New Year, Instagram released an update on its anti-spam measures. Now, users can identify spam content, and Instagram has made recent updates to deal with this content automatically. In the following, we will talk more about the set of anti-spam updates of this social network.

Instagram's Anti-Spam Measures: Unveiling New Approaches

Instagram's Anti-Spam Measures: Unveiling New Approaches

Thanks to the new updates that Meta has applied to Instagram, you can now see several new options for Instagram's anti-spam measures.

  1. Potential Spam Instagram creates a new list of accounts suspected of potential spam or bots. If these accounts send you a follow request, it will be displayed in a potential spam list. The new update has caused all suspicious bot and spam accounts to be identified and tagged automatically. Of course, all these things are done secretly, and you will only find out if these accounts send you a follow-up request.
  2. Spam tags Spam tags are not new, But Instagram has taken further actions in its recent update. Instagram automatically detects spam tags and lists them in bulk so you can quickly remove them. You have 30 days to delete them. If you do not take action, they will be deleted automatically.
  3. Visit Spam Instagram is testing a new feature. In this feature, this social network hides story views. Probably, those who experience this issue have visited spam accounts. This will reduce spam users' unwanted and direct interaction with your stories.
    These updates will simplify the management of spam content and contribute to the flow of higher-quality content. But that's not all you see in the new update.

Advanced Instagram filter to deal with spam content

Advanced Instagram filter to deal with spam content

Instagram will send new alerts to its users. Instagram is currently testing the signs it wants to send to users.

Some users will face the restriction of viewing spam comments. As a user, from now on, you should be more careful about the words you send to other users; Instagram warned that if the comments or posts you send and upload are against the rules and guidelines of this social network, they will be tagged as spam. And not be displayed.

In this regard, the warnings sent to you are only for nudges and your further education so that you can use this social network more consciously. You can either keep the content or delete it. In any case, no one will see it!

Keep in mind that spam activities will always cause you some trouble. So, try to create the best user experience for your followers. We recommend that as soon as you receive a warning about uploading spam content, pay attention to it and delete it immediately. Also, try not to let this happen to you again.


Instagram is trying to attract new users and maintain its current users by publishing valuable and attractive content. Instagram's latest update based on anti-spam measures can be beneficial and improve the user experience. Undoubtedly, spamming activities are constantly occurring, and Meta Company cannot be free from them. However, it is always trying to improve its user interface to give the audience a better user experience.

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