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Instagram launches the "Public Collections" feature.

Instagram is always looking to expand its features to provide a better experience for its users. One of the platform's new features is Public Collections, which allows users to create collections of posts that have a common theme and share those collections with others on their profile.

Building Collections on Instagram

In September, social media researcher Alessandro Paluzzi shared an image hinting at a new feature on Instagram. The photo showed that users could create collections of their favorite posts and share them with all or some of their followers.

How the new Instagram feature works

The new feature allows Instagram users to save their favorite posts and photos in a collection and share them with their followers. This can be a helpful way to show off users' fundamental interests, such as celebrities, books, or movies, and it can also give users more insight into who they might want to follow on Instagram.

Public Collections are an extension of a previous Instagram feature

The new Instagram feature is an extension of Instagram's Collaborative Collections feature launched in March. With this feature, users can create a post and add the username of another user as a collaborator. The published post will be displayed with two usernames and visible to the followers of both accounts.

Instagram's new feature is a copy of Pinterest.

In many cases, Instagram draws inspiration from other social media platforms when introducing new features. Many users have seen Public Collections as a copy of Pinterest, as the feature is similar to something already on Pinterest.

It remains to be seen whether Instagram will continue to copy its competitors in the features it introduces in the future.


In this article, we reviewed the new Instagram feature, Public Collections. The feature is not yet active but will be rolled out to users soon. With this feature, you can share your favorite posts with others.

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