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LinkedIn is looking to test elements of artificial intelligence-based learning.

LinkedIn has sought to expand artificial intelligence in several of its past updates. The effort continues, this time trying to develop an AI-based tool in a segment called LinkedIn Studying. We will talk more about this topic in this article.

Generative AI to guide your training

LinkedIn is trying to become a significant education and job search platform. In this regard, he wants to add an artificial intelligence-generating element called LinkedIn Studying. This section will give you some tips for your resume and work field.

These skills will help you improve your ability in your field of work, and they will even introduce you to the courses available on LinkedIn that will help improve these skills. These feedbacks are entirely based on LinkedIn's educational database and work with this artificial intelligence to provide you with the best recommendations, examples, and feedback in a personalized and tailored way.

LinkedIn is looking to add new learning models.

LinkedIn is looking to update and simplify its learning models in line with goals such as adding new artificial intelligence to the application, improving the educational part of the platform, and becoming a powerful educational resource.

LinkedIn will create a simple but detailed training program for those looking to learn a skill. You can choose your favorite expert or trainer and participate in his training courses.

You can watch videos related to your personalized feed and instantly assess your knowledge. Short questions for this assessment are designed to test whether you have learned the studied topic.

LinkedIn will provide you with recommendations based on your career preferences

When you apply for a job, LinkedIn's AI examines your job preferences and suggests training videos based on what's relevant to those jobs.

This feature is related to LinkedIn Premium, and if you have access to it, you can watch educational videos on the way to find the job you are interested in, and the content you see on LinkedIn will be aligned with the job you are looking for.

LinkedIn offers professional certifications to show that people are qualified for their jobs. The coding environment is also arranged so that, as a programmer, you can solve your practice codes as you pass your course.


LinkedIn has set a mission for itself: to make learning a part of career development. It is expanding the use of learning elements based on artificial intelligence with the help of intelligent courses and creating a more integrated flow between the skills and competence of people for the jobs they apply for. In this article, we talked about this to a great extent. We explained that LinkedIn will simplify training in its environment and provide valid certificates, and we will also see its dedicated coding environment shortly. Check out our content if you are interested in the news on social networks. We are waiting for your comments and suggestions.

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