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Meta is preparing for the 2024 elections

2024 will be challenging for the United States and many countries worldwide. America is preparing for the presidential elections. In addition to this country, other countries such as India, Indonesia, Mexico, and the European Union are also facing a critical year full of elections as one of the most important social media; Meta Company is ready to control essential areas such as preventing other countries from interfering in elections, the influence of artificial intelligence, and fake news these days. But how? We will explain further.

As an influential medium, Meta is ready for challenges

Elections always have their challenges. Many people try to change public minds and take them in a negative direction; Others are trying to stage a coup; Some don't tell the facts, and others use people's feelings.

Some even endanger people's safety and seek to create chaos. As an effective online platform, Meta Company is obliged to deal with and control such challenges.

These challenges, mostly seen on Facebook, are caused mainly by campaigns and groups that try to influence and change the election process incorrectly. So, since 2016, Meta has invested more than $20 billion to identify and block hate groups, false advertising tags, etc.

This year, the company has announced that it has partnered with 100 media and social network partners worldwide to review news in more than 60 languages and rate and remove false information if needed.

More research on the authenticity or rejection of content will increase at the beginning of 2024, and the effort to give people access to free but correct information will increase.

A week before the election, advertisements became political

Meta Company consistently implements a professional and efficient policy before important world elections. It is that a week before the election, all new propaganda news is blocked. This work prevents spreading rumors, new and baseless advertisements, planning to cause destruction, etc. In 2024, the politics of this company will be the same.

Artificial intelligence comes with the help of meta

2024 will be a critical year for Meta. This year, artificial intelligence will help Meta identify and remove news, videos, and images created by artificial intelligence.

Some technologies like deepfake can easily affect the entire political future of a country. Deepfakes, fake images, news, and writings created by artificial intelligence will be detected by artificial intelligence and removed from all messengers and meta-social networks.


As one of the most influential companies in the world, Meta is trying not to allow countries to interfere and influence each other's elections. The company's policies are designed to prevent the publication of falsehoods, and finally, correct and transparent news will be available to everyone worldwide in 2024. Meta hopes that the misuse of this company's platforms will be limited worldwide and that the 2024 elections in different countries will be held free of fraud and chaos with the help of artificial intelligence and various campaigns.

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