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Meta to Implement Messaging Interoperability to Comply with EU Laws

In the latest laws passed by the European Union, different messaging platforms must be interoperable, allowing users to chat across different platforms with a single user account. This is why Meta's development team is working on launching the ability to chat with users of other platforms or messaging interoperability.

Meta seeks to compete with other messaging platforms

Meta seeks to increase its competitiveness with its peers by offering new features and continuous updates. It has also announced that it will soon activate the ability to message users of other platforms to show its commitment to EU laws. However, this option will not be available to all users initially and may only be offered to some users on a trial basis to assess satisfaction and potential challenges.

A new post by Alessandro Paluzzi, an app researcher, about Meta's new feature

Alessandro Paluzzi confirmed the news by sharing this image on his page: third-party chats are coming to Messenger, and cross-app connectivity will soon happen in Meta. However, this is a preliminary page, and changes may be made to it in the future.

The role of the DMA antitrust law in the third-party chat feature

Under the DMA antitrust law, all platforms considered an important gateway between business users and their customers must be interoperable with other messaging services. Although Meta has theoretically announced that it is working on this feature, it has not yet provided full details of the timing and occurrence of it. What is clear is that the third-party chat feature can be very useful, but we need to wait and see how users react to the new feature.


The EU law has made messaging interoperability mandatory for messengers such as WhatsApp and Meta, but smaller platforms are not required to comply with this law; therefore, they do not need to implement it. Although Meta's development team has announced that the ability to chat with users of other platforms will be offered soon, the exact date has not yet been specified.

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