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New v-User Product 'Bulk Email Sender Bot'

Dear users of the v-User website
The new and unique product of the 'Bulk Email Sender Bot” is now available to you on the v-User website.
Due to its unique features, this product will guarantee an inbox rate of over 90% in sending bulk emails, which will cause your emails to be delivered to the recipients’ inbox (and not to the spam box).

Some of important features of the Bulk Email Sender Bot

  • Sending emails through website (using Gmail accounts)
  • Applying human algorithms in the process of sending emails (in terms of performance and speed)
  • Complying with the hourly and daily limits of Gmail
  • Ability to use variable titles and content for each series of emails
  • The ability to send emails with multiple Gmail accounts (unlimitedly)

We invite you to visit this product on the page below

We hope that this product, like our other products, would be useful in advertising and introducing your business to others.

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