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Note Instagram, a new feature to communicate with friends

The users of the social network Instagram are the young part of society. Instagram tries to provide updates and features that involve most of this group. One of the most exciting features that Instagram is testing the note feature. A feature that allows you to interact more with your friends. But what is this feature?

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Instagram is currently testing the ability to add notes to feed posts. A feature that allows you to write short messages with up to 60 characters with text or emoji and share them with others.

Those who follow you or can view your profile can also see these notes. These notes will remain for 24 hours, just like the story feature.

With this method, young people interact more, and this feature is rapidly becoming popular.


Last December was a month full of updates and adding new features for Instagram. This exciting month has attracted more users to this social network than ever. Note feature allows you to share what's on your mind with friends and others in 60 characters for 24 hours. Follow us to find the latest news about Instagram here.

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