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Privacy and investment in it in Meta

2023 was a challenging year in terms of privacy. With the emergence of various AI’s, the concerns of users in this matter also increase. Meta Company invested significant capital in this sector this year and is still planning to expand it. Since 2019, Meta has invested about $5.5 billion in protecting the privacy of its users and has increased its employees and team to more than 3,000 people. This article talks more about investment and what this company will do.

Privacy improvements at Meta

Meta Company has updated its privacy policy, and this work is in line with increasing the privacy of its users. In this process, elements related to the privacy program include:

  • Regular monitoring.
  • Strengthening the performance of complying with privacy laws.
  • Using specialized and unique technologies to enhance privacy.

For example, one of these technologies is privacy-aware infrastructure, or PAI for short. That allows engineers to easily have the things they need to protect privacy while building products.
This technology is a new way of automating compliance and preserving privacy, significantly reducing dependence on manual processes.

Overall, more than 1,200 products are evaluated monthly across the Meta company in various departments before launch, and PAI technology is used to reduce privacy violations.

Building products with privacy as a priority

Meta company has launched end-to-end encryption technology for messages and calls for both sides in Messenger and Facebook. Engineers, coders, designers, policy experts, and product managers are all trying to add new privacy, security, and control features to products.

For example, your messages and calls are wholly encrypted in WhatsApp, Facebook, or Messenger. No one, not even the Meta company itself, can access the text of your sent messages or calls. All your messages and calls are protected and completely safe from when they leave your device until they reach the recipient's device.

Another investment Meta has made is transparency in advertising. Undoubtedly, you have seen ads on your Facebook or Instagram feed. By updating privacy, Meta is trying to clearly explain to its users how machine learning works and how it uses your behavior to provide you with effective ads in a program called Why I see this ad.

Ad management options are also provided to users so that people can more easily manage the ads they see.
Software products are not the only privacy options. Hardware options are also being developed so that users can detect whether their camera is turned on. This hardware is trying to be launched and made more efficient considering people's expectations of privacy.

Development of educational tools

Over the years, Meta has provided many educational tools to educate people more transparently about how data is used and their management options. In 2022, for the first time, the Privacy Center was launched to provide examples on various topics, including privacy, data privacy, and setting reviews. So far, 11 samples have been launched.


Meta company described the year 2023 as challenging to protect its users' privacy. This company has invested 5.5 billion dollars. Although it seems significant, it is still the first step. The company continues to evolve in this area and strives to responsibly improve its practices, products, and applications. This article was interesting for you. Stay with us to hear new news.

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