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Telegram's new updates from colored calls to Thanos Snap Effect and bot upgrades

Telegram showed its best performance in the latest updates of 2023. One of the most exciting updates he made was the tenth update of this year, and we saw colored calls, Thanos braking effect, and the most significant update for bots in the history of Telegram in this update. But what are these updates, and how have they helped to improve Telegram? We will talk more about it in this article.

Color and upgraded calls

Telegram has enabled users to make secure and encrypted calls, but this part has been dramatically improved. In the new update, you can have an attractive and colorful contact screen, use new animations, and add backgrounds with emojis to your calls.

These changes are made during the ringing and end of the call, and you don't have to worry about battery consumption. Telegram's upgraded calls have better performance and consume less battery.

The programming team of Telegram has fixed common bugs and apparent problems in calls, and now the quality of the calls has increased dramatically. Newer updates are coming for this section in 2024.

Thanos Snap Effect

Messages automatically deleted or deleted by you were previously deleted without any effect. Last month, a fantastic update was arranged for this section. Telegram first released the Thanos Snap Effect animation for iOS and Android.

With this effect, after deleting the messages, they become thousands of pieces and disappear. Visually, it has a beautiful effect.

Epic Bots Update: Reactions and more

The most significant update of Telegram bots has happened in this update. An update that Telegrams itself considers epic. Bots are created on the free platform provided by Telegram to developers. They can be a simple chatbot or an advanced bot to replace the site's ordering, buying, and selling sections.

Dozens of new features have been added to robots in this update. Intelligent bots can now react to your messages, receive links, identify quotes, and manage the reactions and responses they receive in conversations and threads.

You can choose a bot as a channel manager, and he will check it just like a manager and even announce the results of draws, etc., in groups.


In the last days of 2023, Telegram has provided exciting updates such as Thanos Snap Effect, colorful calls, and improving bots' performance. The year 2023 was a big year for this messenger, and the attractive effects, along with its excellent performance, have captivated users more than before. More exciting news is coming that Telegram is going to announce. If you are interested in the latest news on social networks, take advantage of our content. More exciting news is coming from Telegram and other platforms.

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