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The ability to change the appearance of Telegram channels and posts, the new Christmas update

Telegram has always been known for its exciting updates. This time, it presented a fantastic update with a Christmas theme. The new updates focus more on visual features such as channel ordering, posts shared in stories, etc. These updates create a better user experience for the audience using Telegram. We will talk more about them in this article.

Ability to customize channels for channel admins

Telegram channels have received the most significant Telegram update so far. Thanks to these updates, channel owners can now personalize their messages, add color and background to messages and channel backgrounds, and display attractive background images for all channel members.

Now, you can use the fantastic settings to level up your channel. You can put a button to get user support or share right, hold a raffle on your channel, and personalize all parts of the channel.

The most critical customizations we see in the Christmas update are related to the profile cover section, emojis to show the status, and the use of backgrounds with emojis.

It is possible to share your messages and posts in the story. Even next to the option of sending messages, the option to resend the story is enabled for you.

To make the latest changes to your channel, enter the channel settings section. You can see the latest features for changes there.

Share your posts in the Telegram story.

It can be said that the most attractive Telegram Christmas update is related to the ability to share posts in the Telegram story section. You can increase the engagement rate of your channel posts by doing this. Personalization is also possible in this section; you can make them appear in any color and design you like.

Give the premium account to several people at the same time.

Telegram released its premium version some time ago. A version that has attractive features. If you are thinking of a gift for your friends for Christmas, you can give them a premium Telegram account. In its new update, Telegram has added a feature you can refer to a new feature called Premium Gift and select the list of people you want to give a gift to.

You can gift 3-month, 6-month, and one-year accounts to your friends. If the person you are looking for already has a premium Telegram account, don't worry; your gift will be saved and activated after his account expires.

Take advantage of the new updates of the lottery section and unique gifts

Now, it is possible to hold raffles with a long duration and add different gifts to it. As the host of the lottery, you can select a section to show winners so that those who have won will be displayed in a particular mode with a paper color effect on the channel.

Who reposted my story?

Until now, you could only find out who saw your Telegram story and which of them reacted to it; the new update now allows you to see who shared your stories in addition to receiving reactions. This feature has been updated for both channels and users.

Create a creative story

Telegram's Christmas update has focused on beautifying posts and stories. In this new update, you can create more creative stories. You can add your favorite photos to the background of other story images and make them look more attractive. To add photos to stories, you must do the following:

  1. Open the story section and touch the photo icon.
  2. Select the photo you want and press the > option to open a menu.
  3. In the opened menu, select the cutout option to remove the photo's background.

The photo will be placed beautifully in the background of your choice. Of course, Google Play services must be active on your phones.


Many applications received updates near the New Year and the beginning of Christmas. Telegram has had one of the most exciting updates so far. The appearance of the channels has become more attractive, and the story section has now become more critical. Gift a premium account to your friends and see who shares your stories. These were part of Telegram updates. We hope you enjoy it. Check out our content to follow the latest news and check out networks. We are waiting for your comments and questions.

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