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The latest Instagram scam method to get 2-step authentication codes

Phishing methods are prevalent on Instagram and Meta. There are many ways to do it. Meta company periodically announces the latest phishing methods to users so they don't get into trouble. Of course, if they see it and it happens to them, they deal with it immediately. Meta company has recently revealed the latest Instagram scam method, which is to get 2-step authentication codes. A technique that has taken many victims so far. But how do scammers do it? We will explain further.

How do they get your authentication codes in Instagram phishing?

Fraud in the Instagram social network is not new, and many controversial problems arise yearly for users. Meta always tries to report these cases and inform its users about such matters.

But one of the newest phishing methods on Instagram and finally receiving 2-step authentication codes is reporting copyright violations on Instagram. Instagram is very sensitive about copyright issues and always punishes users who violate this law. Fraudsters and hackers are now using these conditions to trick users. how about
You will receive an email in your emails with an address similar to the address of Meta Company. This email address is so identical that you will be surprised. You will receive an email stating that you have violated the copyright law, and Instagram will close your account within 24 hours.

But at the end of the email, they encourage you and write a text: "Don't worry! If you want Instagram not to close your account, click the link below and request an appeal."

instagram scam

Look at this email; it's sent from a marketable domain, "" But it is completely phishing, and it has been sent to users under the title of an appeal form.

When you click on the form, a page will open in your browser, and you will be redirected to the phishing page. They ask you to enter your Instagram username and password in this form. All this information is sent to hackers in real-time. But the worst thing is that they ask you to enter the two-factor authentication code if you have one.

If you have activated this level of security, Instagram with the code allows users to enter their accounts with an unknown device. Even if the email is unavailable, you can use the backup codes: five numbers and eight digits.

Each time one of these codes is entered one o, one of them opens the user account. After that, the list can be updated and changed to desired codes! Finally, they can use this account to request money, access personal information, etc., and affect your whole life.

instagram scam

How do you protect yourself against the new Instagram phishing?

There will always be scammers who will take advantage of you, but you can at least use methods to make it harder for them. For this, you can pay attention to the following points.

  • Always double-check the domain and name of the email you receive from or the site they ask you to click on. If you look carefully, you will notice that it is fake.
  • Before you click on a link, please hover your mouse over it to see the full address. The official addresses have a familiar domain, and their URL is related to Meta or Instagram. In it, you cannot know the name of a sub-set or anything else.
  • Pay attention to the text's spelling problems, the email's structural form, etc. A multi-billion-dollar company won't email you with such weird and apparent concerns.
  • If you click on a link and regret it, close and exit the page immediately. Do not enter information such as username, email, or 2-step authentication code.
  • If you need clarification on whether the email is correct or not, enter your email directly. If someone claims to be from this company, take action now and do not use their emails and links.
  • Call them directly if someone asks you for money or information in the name of a friend, boss, or acquaintance!


Extortion and fraud through social networks such as Instagram are widespread, and hackers become more brilliant and find newer methods every time. But as an informed user, you can follow the latest news about these methods, get to know them, and inform your friends and acquaintances about them. Awareness is the only way to deal with such situations and problems. This article was helpful.

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