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The latest updates for Instagram Direct

The Instagram Direct section is one of the most critical sections that needs constant updating. From the most prominent people in business and the most influential people in the Instagram world to ordinary people, they use Direct to communicate with other Instagram users. Recently, Meta company has considered attractive updates for this section. In the following, we will introduce the changes and the latest updates for Instagram Direct.

Ability to edit messages

It must have happened to you that you wanted to modify your direct messages, and unfortunately, until today, there was no such possibility for you. But now you can edit your directives up to 15 minutes after sending them.

To do it, hold the desired message until a menu appears. In the menu, choose the option with a pencil sign and the text edit and edit your message.

Pin your chats to the top of your inbox

You must also know people you talk to on Instagram many times during the day. Sometimes, you lose the person among dozens of other direct messages, which will be annoying. To solve this problem, Meta company has provided the possibility of pinning 3 messages at the top of your direct inbox.

To pin a chat, drag it to the left or hold it for a few seconds until the menu appears, and tap on the pin option.

Turn Instagram Direct reading option on or off

Previously, if someone sent you a direct message on Instagram, if you see it, the seen option would be shown to the other person, and they would know that you had seen and read their message.

This can affect people's privacy; that's why Instagram has made it possible to turn it on and off so that you can choose whether it is active or not.

  • Follow the steps below to turn this option on or off.
  • Enter your account settings.
  • Tap on Messages and story replies.
  • Tap on Show read receipts.
  • In the opened menu, you can turn the option to read your Instagram directly on or off.

You can change these settings at any time.

Save your favorite stickers

In its new update, Instagram has allowed you to save stickers. If you use some stickers all the time, you can now save them and always have them available.

Along with these things, you can improve your direct response by using photos and ready-made voice messages. Also, gifs and stickers can be pressed and sent to others as a reply.

Personalize your chats by changing the background

The simple and monotonous appearance of Instagram direct chats bored users. You could also send messages to the wrong person because all the pages look identical. Now, attractive and new themes have been activated for Instagram Direct, and you
can personalize the appearance of chats and their background and make them uniform.
To change the theme of your chats, tap on the chat name, enter the themes section, and select one of the available options.


Meta Company is trying to make the Instagram social network one of the most powerful social networks in the world so that there is no competitor for it. For this reason, it is always trying to update its various parts and add more details and functions. In this article, we covered the latest updates of the Instagram Direct section. We hope it was helpful for you. If you are interested in social media news, follow us.

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