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The New Services Section in the vUser Website

Dear companions of the vUser
If you have visited our website ( recently, you must have seen that we have launched a new section on our website called "Services".
Using our services, paying the fees, customers have us send transfer their order to a network of experts who have our bots.
If you have not visited these pages, we invite you to visit them.

The service departments that have been launched so far are in the following areas

  • Send bulk messages on WhatsApp
  • Extract phone numbers from WhatsApp
  • Send bulk messages in Telegram
  • Extract username from Telegram
  • Add usernames to group in Telegram

The launch of the service department has also provided an opportunity for you (who are professional users of our bots). We can transfer the orders that are registered on our website to you so that you can earn money by doing them.

If you want to cooperate in this section, please contact us.

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