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The (view once) feature has reached WhatsApp voice messages

In early 2021, WhatsApp introduced a feature to enhance user privacy, allowing sending images and videos with the one-time viewable capability. Currently, this feature is in the experimental phase and has been activated for some of its users. In the following, we will provide further details about this feature and explain how to use it.

Introducing the ability to send one-time voice messages

"View Once" is a new feature introduced to the WhatsApp voice messaging section. User privacy has always been a significant concern for Meta, the parent company. By adding the capability to send one-time viewable or disposable voice messages, preserving privacy becomes simpler. The beta version of this feature is currently active on WhatsApp for Android and iOS, offering users new layers of privacy. With the ability to send one-time viewable voice messages, the recipient loses the ability to save and resend these voice messages to others.

How to send a voice message with the ability to view once

Here's how to send a one-time viewable voice message:

  1. Enter the chat of the person or group you want to send such a voice message to.
  2. Swipe up and release to lock the message before sending.
  3. After completing your voice message, a circle with the number 1 inside appears just above the send button. The message is displayed at the top of the screen by tapping on it, and your voice message is sent as a "view once" message.
  4. Tap the send button.
  5. This way, your voice message will disappear after being heard by the recipient(s). Such messages are not stored anywhere and cannot be forwarded to another person.


The feature of sending view once voice messages in WhatsApp is a crucial step to strengthen users' privacy. This feature allows users to send sensitive voice messages more confidently and prevents personal information from being made available to others. With this feature, WhatsApp has introduced a tool that allows users to view voice messages once and then delete the data automatically. This will be essential in increasing user privacy in the world of the Internet.

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