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The X Spaces host can control the presence of unknown people

December 15, 2023, X social network (former Twitter), unveiled a new feature in its space section, a feature by which the host of the space can control the presence of people in each space. People can enter the space anonymously, but now the host can also not allow them to enter. But is this mode a violation of privacy or is it for the benefit of users? We will talk more about it later.

Users enter spaces anonymously

In July, a new feature was added to Spaces, which allows users to enter Spaces anonymously. Some critics of Elon Musk consider this feature to negate the blue tick.

The blue tick is only given to users who are active in this social network with their real name and photo. After all, if they are going to have a blue tick and can buy it, why would they want to anonymously enter spaces and listen?

Elon Musk, the former owner of Twitter, says that this feature is to protect the privacy of users. Recently, Musk had a space with one of the famous theorists and controversial influencers, Andrew Tate.

Due to this feature, hundreds of users were listening to the space of these people, without their identity being known. The ability to be anonymous on Space allowed users, even if they didn't agree with Musk or Tate, to listen to their discussion without having to worry about being judged by other users or the public, or even being recognized.

The space host can control the entry of anonymous people

You may feel that, now in spaces where everyone knows each other, someone may come in anonymously and listen to conversations that have nothing to do with them. This issue creates a feeling of insecurity in the people present in the spa. So, to solve this problem, we have the December 15 update.

A new feature was added to the X social network in the update of December 15, 2023, whereby the hosts of each space can now control the presence of people. If someone enters the space anonymously, the host will notice and can prevent him from entering.

Now everything seems fairer. Both users can enter the space anonymously and hosts can control these entries!


Former Twitter space is one of the most popular features of this social network. Where users can talk together, discuss, and exchange information. Sometimes users prefer to talk anonymously to protect their privacy. Now the anonymous feature has been added to this section and users can enter these discussions without being recognized. This feature is still experimental and only enabled for a small number of users. If you are interested in the latest social media news, follow us and share the news with others. We are waiting for your questions and comments.

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