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Version 4.1.0 of the v-User Bot Maker Software has been released

08 November 2015

A new version (version 4.1.0) for v-User Bot Maker Software has been released, which includes the following changes.

Improvement and Bug fixes

  • Fixing the issue with the resetart of the Recorder application after changing the language
  • Fixing the problem of hiding the Save Macro in the Recorder window for macros with a lot of commands
  • Fixing the links in the insert serial number window
  • Fixing the issue with the dot characters in the email field of the serial number window
  • Correcting the Player application to be more compatible with the new Windows 10, and fixing the issue of not clicking repeatedly in the same location
  • Fixing the problem of associating vum files to the Player application
  • Fixing the problem of hiding the real cursor of window in case of error in the Player application
  • Overall optimization of the software and improving a lot of the functions to make them more compatible with the different versions of Windows OS

If you have purchased v-User Bot Maker Software , you will have access to this update and all other updates through the user panel (Download Purchased Products section) or through the Bot's UI Program (that exists inside the package).

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