Version 8.0.0 of the Virtual User Software has been released

Version 8.0.0 of the Virtual User Software has been released

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24 November

Version 8.0.0

New Features

Fixing some minor issues related to deleting and renaming variables in the Editor application

Enhancing the process of finding the last used cell in excel

Fixing the issue with closing programs/files with long paths

Improving the Recorder application in recording the details of the controls and sub-controls

Associating the serial number with the version of the application

Improving the reports of the Player application

Fixing the issue with setting the result of the actions in the Editor application

Fixing the "Invalid bitmap header" error in the Editor application

Bug Fixes

Adding 8 new actions related to Files & folders

Adding the ability to read the values of a range of Excel cells

Adding the ability to keep the Player application on top of other windows

Adding some system variables (like date, time, ...)

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