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Version of the v-User Bot Maker Software has been released

02 May 2020

A new version (version for v-User Bot Maker Software has been released, which includes the following changes.

Improvement and Bug fixes

  • Fixed some minor issues with Firefox browser in building and running web based macros
  • Fixing the problem with saving some parameters in Mouse Command action
  • Fixing the problem with not showing some of the actions in the Player application's log
  • Fixing the issues related to the Emojis in web and windows-based macros
  • Fixing the problem with using proxy servers in the Firefox browser of some systems
  • Automatic detection of installation of Microsoft Excel, and using the internal implementation of the csv files when its not installed

New Features

  • Adding the ability to specify the size of the browser windows
  • Adding the ability to directly run JavaScript codes with the new ExecuteJs action
  • Added the new Text Information Action
  • Added the Sub-Text Operations action
  • Added the ability to select Agents in modern browsers
  • Added the Trim commands to the Change Text action

If you have purchased v-User Bot Maker Software , you will have access to this update and all other updates through the user panel (Download Purchased Products section) or through the Bot's UI Program (that exists inside the package).

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