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WhatsApp introduces a new user interface, imitating Instagram

In the beta update of WhatsApp for Android (version, the platform introduced a new user interface for sharing channel content in stories. The most important advantage of this update is that users can promote their channel content to their audience in stories.

WhatsApp imitates Instagram again

WhatsApp's development team constantly updates and creates new features to improve the user experience. However, instead of offering new features, it is moving towards simulating the features of other social media platforms such as Instagram. The story-sharing feature is very similar to the "Share Posts on Instagram Stories" feature that Instagram users have had access to for a long time.

WhatsApp's goal is to offer a new feature

The most important goal of launching the sharing of channel content in stories is to design a dedicated and new design to clarify the source of content so that the user can easily identify the source of the content and know whether the published story is just a personal quote or derived from a channel.

Limitations in access to WhatsApp's new feature

This feature is currently available to some beta testers but will likely be available to all WhatsApp users. If you want to see if the ability to share channel content in stories is enabled, share content from the channel and check the result!


In this news, we introduced the new WhatsApp update for sharing statuses, a sign of WhatsApp's efforts to become more similar to Instagram. However, what is important is WhatsApp's development team's efforts to improve this platform's interface.

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