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WhatsApp introduces new text formatting options

WhatsApp introduced text formatting in 2016 and is now testing additional formatting options for Android and iOS beta users.

How to use WhatsApp's new features

Beta users of WhatsApp for Android and iOS can use ">" to highlight a portion of a message and "- or *" to create a bulleted list. Numbered lists can also be made by writing a number before the message. The following image shows how it works.

Application of WhatsApp's new text formatting features

These new features will help users send their messages more clearly and legibly and make it easier to send messages containing code. These new features are currently available to Android users with version of the WhatsApp beta app and version for iOS and will be activated for all users soon.


In this news, we introduced WhatsApp's new text formatting feature. This feature will help users to send their essential and enumerated messages to others in a neat manner.

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