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X introduces new security features for advertisers.

Advertising is the first and most important way to introduce different brands to others. Popular platforms like X have allowed different businesses to advertise in this space. But it is only possible to publish them with a format and control. Advertisements should not contain inappropriate scenes or words and should be adequate. In this case, X has added new features to its platform, which we will discuss in this article.

Expanding safety controls for brands

X, formerly known as Twitter, has partnered with various brands for the past 9 months, with more than 1,900 brands globally advertising on the platform. But X should provide facilities to make advertising campaigns safe and effective.

Because of this, safety controls have expanded, and now ads must be more appropriate, unique to the brand, and tailored to Company X's sensibilities. For this purpose, measures have been taken that are the subject of discussion.

X cooperation with Integral Ad Science (IAS)

Integral Ad Science (IAS) is a leading global media measurement firm based in the United States for advertising. This platform optimizes ads and controls their safety. The Integral Ad Science (IAS) platform started on February 1, 2024, announcing it will test ads shared on Platform X.

X has agreed to allow the platform to monitor the ads it publishes to ensure that brands' ads only appear in video feeds and to ensure that brands are not associated with inappropriate or harmful content.

Company X has made significant investments in its brand security to expand cooperation with IAS and even started new partnerships with new people management. This team has been expanding its work in the first 3 months of 2024 and is preparing the highest level of security for advertisers and their brands in X.

X introduces the advertiser's sensitivity settings.

If you have visited the X social network, you will see that now, even in the middle of the messages, quotes, and exchange of information that users do, advertisements can be visited. Some users have been identified as insecure, and no doubt brands don't want their ads to appear here.

X has enabled advertisers to define the settings related to their brand sensitivities and do it. With these settings, advertisers show their commitment not to be associated with inappropriate content or people in the future.

Screenshot of X, August 2023 X is expanding its capabilities to automatically filter advertising content that does not conform to X's security settings. These settings are a quick and easy way for advertisers to have a secure campaign and don't need to do anything else.


Company X is making extensive changes in advertising and receiving advertising from the world's biggest brands. It also takes essential security measures in this field. Advertisements are a huge source of income for this company, and they naturally have sensitivities in this matter. Therefore, settings have been created so that brands can publish advertisements that match their brand identity and do not contain inappropriate or sensitive content. In this article, we talked thoroughly about X Company's new decisions and collaborations. Follow the latest news of the world of social networks with us.

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