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X Platform Needs a New, but Strong CEO

Shortly after Elon Musk acquired the X platform (formerly Twitter), he announced that he would not permanently stay in the CEO position and was considering candidates to replace him. He eventually revealed that the new CEO of Twitter would be Linda Yaccarino.

Yaccarino is a well-known figure in the tech world, having previously served as the chief advertising officer of NBCUniversal. Although Musk is very pleased with his chosen candidate and always praises her, she has been the subject of much criticism from users, so much so that most people believe that Yaccarino will not last long in this position. In their view, Yaccarino is a puppet of Elon Musk and has no power to make decisions about the platform, and Musk will do whatever he wants with his new toy. To the point where posts attributed to Yaccarino were tagged with the phrase "CEO in name only."

Yaccarino's Unsuccessful Performance at X

In the meantime, some believed that Yaccarino should be allowed to put her ideas into practice. Because she is a successful person with a brilliant track record. But what happened was that Yaccarino failed to prevent Musk's inappropriate statements and actions and to cancel the radical changes that Twitter has undergone in recent months.

Worse still, after every decision or inappropriate move by Elon Musk, Yaccarino finds a reason to defend him and, in some cases, even changes her ethical position. For example, when Elon Musk decided, in a sudden move, to publish posts that agreed with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, supported white supremacy, and continued to fight the Anti-Defamation League! Or told companies that had stopped advertising on X, "Go to hell!" Yaccarino did not hesitate to support him, and this angered Twitter users.

Yaccarino Must Clarify Her Position

Yaccarino must clarify her position as soon as possible to win back the company's advertising partners. Because what is clear is that this rebellion and Musk's actions will result in nothing but the loss of a significant portion of the X platform's advertising revenue. In addition, she needs to stop providing useless statistics and pay attention to the real concerns of the users of this platform. To play an effective role in the future of X, she needs to win the approval of brand leaders. Of course, Yaccarino's performance in the past year suggests that she will unlikely be able to do anything about Musk's contradictions and hypocritical positions!


X needs a stronger and more independent CEO who can create a bright future for the platform, define limits for Elon Musk, and not fall under his rule. Otherwise, it will not only lose a significant portion of X users but also see the withdrawal of its business partners.

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