Instagram Image Processing Detection Program

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This product is actually one of the bots of Get Real Instagram Followers Bot package and can provide you with the information that Instagram secretly extracts from a photo. By having this information, you can increase the chances of your Instagram post to enter Instagram Explore.

Video introducing this bot
Instagram Image Processing Detection Program

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Currently Active and successfully tested

The bot is currently active and was successfully tested on2021/11/15

Instagram Image Processing Detection Program Video

Instagram advisor introducing the bot

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This bot has been recommended to Instagram users by Moein Faraji, Instagram page promotion advisor with 5 years of experience and more than 200 posts about the rules and secrets of working on Instagram.

Image processing bot can increase your chances of being seen in Instagram Explore!

As the Instagram advisor mentioned in the video above, if Instagram recognizes the elements in your post, your post is more likely to be seen in Instagram explore. So with the help of this bot, you can test Instagram recognition (before publishing the photo in your main page), ie put the same photo you want to publish on your main page in a side page, and then with the help of this bot, see what Instagram thinks about your post. If Instagram detects the photo elements as you desire, you can publish the photo in your main page. If it does not detect the photo elements fully, then you will need to take another photo and repeat the process until you get the best result.
This bot is one of the small bots of our Instagram bot collection. Check out the collection of our Instagram bots. Get Instagram Followers Bot Package

Instagram Image Processing Detection Program Free Download

Filename Size Action 1.31 MB Download


  • Windows (Any version)Trial version Firefox (Latest version)

Firefox Portable download link

Download Pic

Video Tutorial on How to Use the Bot

How the bot works
Instagram Image Processing Detection Program Video

Text and Video Tutorials on How to Use the Bot

After downloading the Instagram Image Processing Detection Program

Extract the contents of the zip file
  • Double click on the download file (on your system).
  • An internal file will be shown to you. Double click on it
  • The extraction box opens (see image below). In this box, click on the Browse button and select a path (for example, Desktop) and finally click on the Extract button to extract and copy the contents of the package in the path you specified.

The contents of the extracted folder include 2 files and 1 tutorial video. The only file you need to work with is a program that has a green hand image.


Now follow the steps below to use this program
  • Open the Firefox browser (Firefox) and go to the Instagram site.

    Note: It is better to close all other programs for the work not to encounter any issues.

  • Go to the desired page and open a post (as shown below).

    پست اینستاگرام

    Note: Note that this bot is only designed for posts that are in the form of photos and does not work on videos.

  • Now just run the bot. Double-click on the vUser program (green hand) called "Instagram Image Processing Macro.exe".

    Instagram Image Processing Macro.exe

  • Once the app opens, click the Continue button in the box to get the app to receive photo information.

At the end, the bot will show you the image processing information in the box below (as in the image below).

Process result

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As mentioned, Instagram Image Processing Bot is just one of the many Instagram bots that we have offered in the Get Real Instagram Followers Bot Package. Check out our other Instagram bots as well.

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