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elBot de reenvío de SMS de Instagram, existente en elBot de envío masivo de mensajes masivos de InstagramEl paquete, que es un producto del sitio web de VUser, is a robotic software product that can automatically forward your desired Instagram post to different people in Instagram, actually the bot is capable of automatically sharing a target post with a huge list of other people in their DM inbox.
En esta publicación, analizaremos cómo elBot de reenvío de SMS de Instagram helps you in your business activities and how it works.

¿Utilizas el bot DM Forwarder de Instagram?

One of the mostly recommended ways to promote your Instagram page is sending direct messages. Since people receive the DMs in private and directly, they are always curious about the message they receive and who has sent it, they pay special attention to it, open it, and check on it. The budget, time and energy you spend on sending DMs totally worth it because the DMs you send are never ignored.

You can share a post of yours with others in DM, driving them to your page, enticing them to check on your posts and highlights, leave you some likes and comments or even follow you.
¿Compartir tus publicaciones de Instagram with others in DM inbox helps you in many ways: This way, you can introduce the products or services you offer in your Instagram posts and by sharing these posts with others, you easily advertise your business. Moreover, by forwarding your posts, you can be discovered by many more people, increase the number of your followers and Instagram engagement rate, which gradually leads your page to get into the Explore!

Yet, note that you are not free to send any desired number of DMs to people in Instagram. While sharing a post with people in Instagram, you need to consider the limitations that Instagram imposes on DM. Por lo general, el número de mensajes directos que puedes enviar es de tipovaría de 10 a 1000 DM por día, which hugely depends on your account positive score, which is defined by the account’s age and amount of interaction.

Si superas el número permitido, corres el riesgo de que la cuenta sea baneada o bloqueada.
To forward a post to someone, you log into your Instagram account, open the post that you want to forward and click the Share icon. Then, in the field that opens, you type the username of the person you want to receive this post in their Instagram DM inbox.

To forward a post to a huge number of people, first, you need to repeat the process for each of the huge number of usernames that exists in your target list and second, you need to use several Instagram accounts to bypass the limitations imposed on each account for sending DMs in Instagram, which obviously turns the task to be a very slow, time-consuming and difficult task if done manually.

Por eso, para reenviar una publicación de Instagram de forma masiva, necesitas una herramienta automatizada, como la VUserBot de reenvío de SMS de Instagram, that can go through the whole process safely and is able to switch accounts all automatically without any need for the intervention of a human. In the next section, you will see how el Instagram DM Forwarder Botfunciona

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of Instagram DM Forwarder Bot

Consejos importantes

La configuración y ejecución delBot de reenvío de SMS de Instagrames similar a lo que se describe en los vídeos tutoriales de este paquete; lo que significa que primero debes configurar el bot como quieres y, a continuación, ejecutarlo.

Consejos para usar el bot

La posibilidad de ver Historias e Instagram Explore, que está incluida en la configuración del bot, pretende simular un comportamiento similar al de un humano. Si activas esta opción, el bot navegará primero por Instagram (como lo haría un humano real) antes de enviar mensajes directos y comenzará a revisar Explore e Stories

Limitaciones de Instagram con respecto al envío de mensajes directos

Instagram tiene límites por hora y por día para enviar mensajes directos a las personas, lo que significa que puedes enviar un número limitado de mensajes directos con cada cuenta por hora (y en un día) y no debes sobrepasar esos límites porque tu cuenta podría estar bloqueada. Para obtener más información sobre el número exacto de personas a las que puedes enviar mensajes directos por hora o por día, consulta la sección «Cómo usar» del programa de interfaz de usuario.

¿Cómo funciona el bot En

How to configure and work with this bot is provided in the tutorial PDF and video files, which come with the bot. Therefore, we are not going to explain these issues here again.
Para lanzar este bot, solo tiene que abrir el programa Instagram Bulk DM Sender UI y elegirBot de reenvío de SMS de Instagram, apply the required settings by inserting the username of the target people as the DM recipients and the link to posts you want to forward.

In case you have multiple Instagram accounts, you can also set the bot to forward each post to a group of people using a particular account of yours.
Finalmente ejecutas elBot de reenvío de SMS de Instagram.
Después, no necesitas hacer nada porque el bot hará el resto automáticamente.
Hará el resto automáticamente. Después de ejecutar elBot de reenvío de SMS de Instagram, it will launch the system browser and go to the Instagram website, log into the Instagram account you have specified, open the target post through the link you have inserted in the bot settings. Then, it will click on the Forward icon that appears above the comment section, then in the field that appears, the bot will type the first username that exist in the list, and press the Send button. This is the process that will continue for each of the usernames that exist in the recipients list of usernames.

El proceso continuará hasta el final de la lista mientrasrespete simultáneamente las reglas limitativas de Instagram. Meanwhile, if you have set the bot to forward the desired posts using multiple of your accounts, the bot will switch to your other Instagram accounts when needed and keep working using your other Instagram accounts.
The bot finishes its job after all your accounts are used to forward the specified Instagram posts to the whole list of your target usernames.
El siguiente vídeo muestra cómoBot de reenvío de SMS de Instagram.

¿Cómo obtener¿el bot de reenvío DM de Instagram?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Bot de reenvío de SMS de Instagram is a part of the Instagram Bulk DM Sender Bot package, which is a product of the vUser website, and to get the bot you need to purchase the whole package for 59 €.

elBot de reenvío de SMS de Instagram is just a small part of the Instagram Bulk DM Sender Bot Package and it includes some other useful bots with magnificent features to help you boost your sales by many more automated activities in Instagram.

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