Creation history of Virtual User Software

The V-User software project started by Arash Ebrahimi in 2008, and after 6 years (in 2014) its initial version was completed and received the approval of high Council of Informatics of the country. Until now that the V-User is upgraded to version 6, guidance and consultations of Mohammad Hussein Alipour, Arian Alijani and Farhang Jafari have always been and will be a reason to move forward the project.

Arash Ebrahimi

Arash Ebrahimi

vUser Software Developer

Mohammad Hosein Alipour

M.H. Alipour

RPA Specialist

Arian Alijany

Arian Alijani

RPA Specialist

Farhang Jafari

Farhang Jafari

RPA Specialist

Our credentials and certificates

Earning the Title of “The Creative Start-up” in the 24th Elecomp Exhibition

At the 24th Elcomp International Exhibition, 480 start-ups presented their services and technology to visitors. Meanwhile, a special event was held named “Elcom Peach”, where start-ups were subject to arbitration. The Virtual User on its first presence in the course of the exhibition, and introducing its technology and innovative for the judges and audience, managed to earn the “Creative Start-up” title among the 480 other start-up companies.

About Our Company (RPA)

Virtual Optimizers

Virtual Optimizers

Our work is to automate, robotic, and optimize all computer work that can be done by manpower on a computer.
In the international term, our working model is so-called RPA. RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation, which means automating robotic processes. When we automate software tasks (such as a company's daily computer tasks) with the help of software programing or RPA tools so that they do not require human resources to redo or repeat those task, we would say RPA is implemented on that department. Simply put, RPA is the replacement of software robots instead of humans.
The programming structure of the Virtual User software (which is our main tool in RPA industry and introduced by this website) is modular and there is the possibility to add the needed modules for RPA projects in it. Our team, with its own RPA tool (Virtual User software) and the power of programming RPA modules and also with many years of experiences and operational skills in RPA, is now able to automate and robotic plenty of complicated and complex software processes.
For an overview of RPA implemented projects, visit our company site:

Our Company Information ( Behsazan Majazi )

Company registration name: Behsazan Majazi of Amard IT
registration number: 7398
021 28424347

Contact Us

Chat via Telegram

In the telegram messenger application, you can chat with us via
ID: @vuser_support or 09028176192

Chat via WhatsApp

In the WhatsApp messenger application, you can chat with us via 09028176192

Call Center Representative (CCR) and our international relations manager

Farhang Jafari
Farhang Jafari

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We are always looking for opportunities for further growth.
If you have skills related to our work and are willing to work with us, please contact us at and send us your resume.