About Our Company (and the RPA technology)

We automate and optimize all the tasks that can be done by hand on a computer. The name of this technology is RPA. RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation and refers to using Robots to automate processes. When we use software programing or RPA tools to automate software tasks (the tasks that do not change in each execution) and eliminate the need to use human resources to redo or repeat them, we can say RPA has been implemented.
Simply put, When RPA is implemented, Robots do the tasks that otherwise are performed by people.
The programming structure of the Virtual User software (which is our main RPA tool) is modular, and therefore we can add any module that we need, and address all specific RPA needs and requirements. Our team, with its own RPA tool (Virtual User Software) and the ability to program RPA modules and also with many years of experience and operational skills in the field of RPA, is now able to automate a lot of complicated software processes.
Virtual Optimizers

Virtual Optimizers

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