Auto Installer Bot Maker

Auto Installer Bot Maker

A Special Version of the Virtual User Software that Builds Installer Bots

Currently Active and successfully tested on2021/07/19
Latest version: 1.2History of previous versions and change logs

With this version

You can build a Bot that..

Performs the different Installation steps

Clicks on the buttons, copies the files, inserts the serial number, and...

Implements these settings in other systems

Checks the specified options..

Intelligent & Easy To Use

Watch how the Auto Installer Bot Maker works
Watch how the Auto Installer Bot Maker works
As you have seen in the video..

The Virtual User Software has an advanced AI that interacts with different Windows and controls, and it does not depend on the X, Y coordinates of the screen. This feature guarantees that the planned commands will be executed as it was intended, in different systems and circumstances.

Unlimited copies, no need to purchase additional licenses

Ability to show your logo or banner on the software

Free Updates for one Year / 59.15 € to renew updates for a year

Who is this Version suitable for?

If you have a software product with high demands, and you want to automate the installation process of that product...
Full description in the audio file
If you own a Software website , and you want to increase the number of your users by automating the installation processes of your packages...
Full description in the audio file
If you want to automate a repeated action or configuration, that requires technical skills , and then run it on other systems...
Full description in the audio file
Inserting a Logo on the software

Inserting Your Brand's Logo in Software's Initial Frame

It is possible to add an image file with the PNG format in the initial frame of the software for customers

Screenshots of the Auto Installer Bot Maker

Auto Installer Bot Maker Package Content
Auto Installer Bot Maker is recording a Macro
Editing the Macro that was build with the Auto Installer Bot Maker
Running the Created Installer Bot on Windows
Running the Created Installer Bot on Windows

Auto Installer Bot Package Demo

Before the purchase, you can test our Auto Installer Bot Package and make sure that it works on your system
Filename Size Action 76MB Download
How to download and use the package View


  • Windows (7 to 10 ,Server 2003-2016)
  • Note 1: If you have more than one monitor, only one of them should be Enabled.
Download the trial Version
Limitations of the Trial Version of Auto-install Bot Maker...

Auto Installer Bot Maker Features for Automating Installation Steps

The ability to copy files

The ability to show an image during the installation

The ability to add a Shortcut to desktop

The ability to add text in different sections

The ability to determine the checked status of options

The ability to open other applications and perform operations on them

The ability to open other files like Batch files or registry files

Supporting different versions of the Windows OS

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016

Supporting monitors with different resolutions

The ability to add your brand's logo in the initial software’s frame

The ability to add passwords and restrict the Macros based on time
Fast & with small footprint and size

The ability to recognize different versions of windows

The ability to use well-known system folders

My document, Program files, ...
Opening the destination windows and clicking on different buttons

The ability to close the applications

The ability to force the termination of a process
The ability to make unlimited copies of the Robot

Make unlimited copies; no need for additional licenses

After building the Auto Install bot, you can copy and run it on different systems

See the Auto Installer Bot Maker In Action

Before watching these videos, make sure you have watched the video at the top of this page .

Video showing the setup process for firebird 

installing and configuring firebird

Video tutorial of installing and configuring Counter Strike - cs 1.6

Automatic installation of the Counter Strike - cs 1.6 game

Important Note
The Full Version has some limitations as well

of which you need to be aware

The Player application just runs up to 80 commands.

It does not support the following actions:

Keyboard, Excel, and Web Automation actions.
You can not open multiple Player applications

You can not open a new Player application while another one is still running.
You can not use the conditional and jump commands

But even with these limitations, all of the Installation processes can be automated with this version Read on.

The full package has some limitations

Auto Installer Bot Maker Support

About the support of this version you need to know that this version of the Virtual User Software has only been designed for automating the installation processes, and has some limitations. Due to the design of the software locks, we have no way to remove them. But we assure you that you can automate almost all installation processes with the features that are included in this package. For the rare cases that this can not be done, we have used Batch files to help our customers achieve the results that they want. Therefore, we can say with confidence that the Auto Installer Bot Maker can be used to automate all installation processes and has a guaranteed support program.

Support of the Auto Installer Bot Maker

Frequently Asked Questions

Can all the steps of the installation process be fully automated?
We can say with confidence that the Auto Installer Bot Maker can fully automate any installation process , and our technical support team can help you tackle the rare and exceptional cases. But if you"re looking for a detailed analysis before the purchase, you can contact our technical staff and they will consult you about your specific requirements.
The license of which applications of the Virtual User Software are included in this package?
The only license that is delivered with this packae is that of the Editor application of the Virtual User Software . This package contains a special version of the Player application, that is specially made for the Auto Installer Bot Maker package, and requires no licsence. If you need more information about the Virtual User Software applications, go to this page , and watch the video tutorials.

The Security of your Information is Guaranteed

No information is sent to us

For companies and organizations that care a lot about their information security, we guarantee that the virtual user software does not transfer any information through the internet because it works offline. We have provided this guarantee on a legally binding contract in company letterheads and signature, and we can send a copy of this contract if a company or organization requests it.


Purchase the Auto Installer Bot Maker

After Purchase

The download link immediately becomes available after purchase After the purchase, the download link will be added to your User Panel on the website. To access this link, first, you need to enter your username and password and log in to the User Panel (the default username and password is the email address and phone number that you have entered in the purchase box), and then, go to the Download purchased products section. We have also the list of all the folders that you will have after downloading the full version of Auto Installer Bot Maker. Special Tutorial Videos of the Full Version For the Full version of the 'Auto Installer Bot Maker', we have made a special tutorial video, which is different from its Demo version. This video is in the __Tutorial Videos__ folder Auto Installer Bot Maker. However, the package that you download is a compressed file, and to access its contents, first, you need to extract it. By watching and following all the steps that are shown in the tutorial video, you can easily install Auto Installer Bot Maker and use all of its features. In addition to this video, there are some PDF files in the folders of each of the macros, that describe the usage and additional notes that are specific to each macro and the contents of each folder. Purchase other Products for Half of the Price (on the same system) We have designed the Software License of our products in a way that if you activate just one of them in your system, the other products will no longer need to be activated, and you will not need to purchase the serial number. In other words, you can use the same activation code for our other products on the same system. The price of each package is a combination of the prices of bots that are included in the package and the price of 1 serial number (activation code), and as we mentioned, you will no longer need to pay the price of the serial number. Support for the Initial Setup phase By support, we mean solving software problems, and teaching is not a part of it. That being said, if you need our help in the initial phases of using the bots, we will be at your service and you don’t need to worry about it. Support for Solving Software Problems About solving the issues that might happen with the software and the updates, you can check the “Change Log” section at the bottom of this page to see how active our company is on this matter.

Auto Installer Bot Maker Change Log

Currently Active and successfully tested on2021/07/19 Latest version: 1.2History of previous versions and change logs

24 November 2019

Version 1.2

Bug Fixes
Version compatibility with the Vitual User Software version 8.0.0

07 November 2019

Version 1.1

New Features
Added the text variable to the Check Window Version Action to change the text after getting the action result Click to see the full list... Click to see the full list...

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