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General Algorithm of Instagram to Limit User Activities Instagram Follower Booster Bot Package

Instagram General Algorithm in terms of Restricting User Activities

As you may be aware, social media platforms such as Instagram impose certain limitations on the activities that users can perform on their platforms. For instance, Instagram has a follow limit of approximately 60 per hour, and exceeding this limit results in the rejection of additional follows. Newly created accounts have an even lower follow limit of 20 per hour, indicating that these limitations vary for each account. The question arises: how has Instagram designed its algorithm to cater to different users?"

Behind the programming curtains, Instagram has devised a scoring and crediting system for its users, which determines the activity limits for each individual. To illustrate this system, we can consider the ability to add links in stories. Instagram permits adding links only for users who have 10k or more followers, while those with fewer followers do not have this option.

By mentioning this simple example, we can understand that Instagram has a precise scoring algorithm that is similar to the scoring algorithms used in video games. As you're likely aware, in video games, players can earn points and level up after completing a series of levels, unlocking previously locked achievements such as more powerful weapons and better skins. Similarly, Instagram operates with a similar scoring system that rewards users for completing various tasks such as gaining followers, completing their profile, and spending more time on the app. As you progress and complete these tasks, Instagram removes some of the limitations on your account and reduces restrictions, while also potentially offering new features , like the ability to add links to your story.

Remember that this scoring system, which is directly linked to the limitations on your activities, exists in many popular social networks and even in messaging apps such as WhatsApp.

This scoring system comes in handy for all your Instagram activities. If you have a newly created account, you can only follow up to 20 people per hour, which is a small number. But if you increase your account score, using various methods and make it trustworthy, your account will be considered "leveled up" on Instagram. This allows you to follow more people daily (40 to 60 per hour) without encountering Instagram restrictions such as account blocking.

The purpose of this note was only to explain the scoring algorithm. If you want to know how to quickly increase your account score, please refer to the Tips andTricks to Avoid Getting Blocked and Reported page

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