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General Algorithm of Email to Limit User Activities Bulk Email Sender Bot Package

General Algorithm of Sending Bulk Emails

As you probably know, most email services (such as Google) limit the number of emails users can send on their platform. In general, if you have an account and use that account to send emails to familiar people (people with whom you have previously exchanged emails), you will not face any special restrictions on sending emails, and your emails are usually never spammed, instead the recipients receive the emails directly in their inbox, but the story is totally different if you want to send emails to unique people with whom you have never exchanged any emails. Note that if you want to send a different e-mail to each person, the e-mail service platforms will not show much sensitivity to that e-mail, and as a result, you will not face any special restrictions in sending different e-mails to different people. But if you want to email the same content to a lot of anonymous people in a short period of time, after 20-30 emails are sent, they will be noticed as a series of spam emails and the email service platforms will deliver them in the spam box.

To overcome these limitations and to send e-mails in bulk without being spammed, you must know the general algorithm of sending e-mails completely. These platforms assign some score to each account and each IP that sends an email. In fact, in the background of their programming, these platforms have designed a rating or scoring system for each user (each account) through which it can determine the amount of user restriction. So that the higher the score and credit of the account is, the more e-mails it can send to unknown people per day without being spammed.

You might have guessed that email service providers have a scoring algorithm similar to video game scoring. In video games, after the player goes through a series of steps, he can collect points and level up, and at the same time, a number of achievements (which were previously locked) will be released for him; For example, things like stronger weapons, more attractive looks, etc., which did not exist before, are available to the player (after going through the stages). These platforms also work in exactly the same way, that is, for the steps you go through, for example, if you complete the account profile, the older the account gets and the more time passes from its creation date, the more emails you exchange with different people, the emails you receive and the emails you get in reply to the emails you send, the email service platform will remove a series of restrictions from your account and reduce the number of restrictions on the number of emails you can send to unknown people without the emails being spammed.

Remember that this scoring system is directly related to the amount of your activities. This scoring system will help you in sending emails to unknown people. If you have a newly established account, you can send a small number of emails to unknown people in a day using this account, but if you increase the score of your account, that account will level up and using it, you can send more emails in a day without facing the problem of emails getting spammed or account getting banned.

Our intention in this pamphlet was only to explain the scoring algorithm. If you want to know how you can increase the score of your account as quickly as possible, refer to the Tricks to Avoid Getting Spammed in Sending Bulk Emails PDF file.

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