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General Algorithm of Whatsapp to Limit User Activities WhatsApp Bulk Sender Bot Package

The General Algorithm of WhatsApp on Restricting the Users’ Activities

As you probably know, most messengers (such as WhatsApp) impose limits on the number of activities a user can perform on their platform Although, you don't face any limitations to send messages to familiar people (people you have already chatted with) in WhatsApp, the story is completely different about messaging people you have never chatted with. With each WhatsApp account, you can send between 100 and 1000 messages per day to strangers. Now, how does WhatsApp determine whether an account is allowed to send 100 messages or 1000 messages in a day ?

Behind the scenes, WhatsApp has designed a scoring system for each user (each account) through which it can determine the amount of user restrictions. So that the higher the score (and credit) of the account is, the more messages can be sent to unknown people daily

You may have guessed that WhatsApp has a scoring algorithm similar to video game scoring algorithm. In video games, after the player goes through a series of steps, he can collect points and level up, and at the same time, a number of achievements (which were previously locked) will be released for him; For example, things like stronger weapons, more attractive looks, etc., which did not exist before, are available to the player (after going through the stages). WhatsApp also works in exactly the same way, that is, for the steps you go through, such as completing your profile, the messages you receive, and the responses you receive for your sent messages, a series of restrictions are removed from your account; as a result, you can send to unknown people so that you can send more messages on WhatsApp every day without getting blocked .

Note that scoring system, which is directly related to the limit of your activities. This system exists in many famous social networks and popular messengers in exactly the same way.

This scoring system helps you send messages to unknown people. If you have a newly-established account, you can send a small number of messages to unknown people daily with this account, but if you increase the score of your account in various ways and make it valid, that account will be leveled up in WhatsApp and Using it, you can send more messages daily without facing WhatsApp restrictions (such as account blocking). In general, you can send between 100 and 1000 (or even more) messages to strangers per day, depending on the positive score of your WhatsApp account, without facing WhatsApp limits.Our intention in this pamphlet was only to explain the scoring algorithm. If you want to know how you can increase the score of your account in a short time, refer to the pamphlet Tips & Tricks to Avoid Getting Reported & Blocked

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