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Tricks to not blocked and report on WhatsApp WhatsApp Bulk Sender Bot Package

Tricks to not blocked and report on WhatsApp

First of all, you should keep in mind that advertising through sending messages on WhatsApp is fundamentally different from SMS advertising. In SMS advertising, you send your advertising message to a bank number, and if people don't like your message, they may block your number so that you can no longer send them advertising SMS. There will be no other particular problem with your SIM. But when sending a WhatsApp message, if the recipient doesn't like your message, he can block and report your account. Repeating it will block your account. By losing the accounts, you will have to create an account again. Of course, indeed, creating a new WhatsApp account (SIM) requires little effort and cost, but in any case, maintaining accounts is less troublesome and more valuable than replacing them. Therefore, it is better to be careful in sending messages and pay attention to the critical points and principles we have explained below so that you will get more appropriate feedback on the advertisements while maintaining the accounts.

The critical concern in sending mass messages on WhatsApp is keeping the accounts safe or losing the least number of accounts. The most crucial point in this field is to design as many targeted ads as possible to maintain your accounts while receiving better feedback.

Two essential points that are necessary for the implementation of any advertisement

The first point: Targeted selection of contacts Regarding the target audience selection, your target audience is those interested in your work topic. These people, seeing your ads in their personal chat (since they are related to your work), not only do not blackmail you, but they may welcome your ads and become your customers. For this reason, we recommend that you send your advertising message to people whose interests align with your field of work (topic of advertising).

Our package has a robot for extracting numbers from different WhatsApp groups, which is a good option for preparing a bank of numbers for your target contacts and running a targeted advertisement.

For example, if your business sells cosmetics and health products, the best contacts for advertising your business are women because you are sure that these people like or need your products. Therefore, it is better to send your advertising message only to women. As a result, if you have numbers that you don't have any reliable information about (you don't know their gender, you don't know their age, you don't know about their work and importance, etc.), it's better not to advertise them. Avoid this because there is a high probability that the recipients of your promotional message will hit the Block option or report you after receiving the notification.

The second point: targeted writing of advertising messages Regarding how to write the text of the advertising message, we recommend that you start the message with a greeting and have a warm and friendly tone. Also, work on the psychology of the text so that the audience doesn't feel that the target of a message is purely advertising because in this case, they will not only not like your work but may even block and report you.

Start the advertising text casually, sincerely, and politely; consider a discount or a special offer; if possible, mention the name and surname of the contacts in the text of the message and let them know from which authority you got their number, most people (especially women) consider their mobile number private, and if you don't clearly mention how you got access to their number, they will blackmail you.

Sample 1 personal message: I'm sorry for bothering you in pv; I'm sending you a message from a particular group.

Sample 2 polite message: Mr. Izadi / Ms. Hosseini Hello - courtesy and respect - I am one of the colleagues of the so-and-so guild, but I would like to know if you are still working in the so-and-so field. The list of guild numbers may not be up-to-date; in any case, I'm sorry.

The above two points are the most important points in sending advertisements and help you significantly reduce the possibility of your SIMs being blocked and reported and experience the most effectiveness and efficiency as a result of your advertisements. However, the conditions are not always ideal. To ensure the account's security and the messages' success, it is better to be fully aware of the WhatsApp algorithm before sending a message and act accordingly.

Tips related to WhatsApp algorithm (SIM file and scoring system)

According to the WhatsApp scoring algorithm that we described in the pamphlet "WhatsApp General Algorithm Regarding Limiting Users' Activities," WhatsApp is not very sensitive to old and valid SIMs, and you can start mass sending with them whenever you want, but it is susceptible to SIMs that you just activate (you install WhatsApp for them); Therefore, to be able to use the newly activated SIMs for sending, you must validate them and increase their points

We have provided explanations about the issues of SIMs (accounts) in the pamphlet "Algorithm of WhatsApp about restricting users' activities, " which we will elaborate on here again...

In general, we said that no matter how many points (or the higher the credit of your account, the more messages you can send (100 to 1000 messages per day), the limits for your account will be lower. But does the score of a SIM (WhatsApp account) depend on what factors?

In WhatsApp, your account score (about sending messages) depends on the following parameters:

  • More time has passed since the creation of your account; It means that the age of your account has increased.
  • Put a photo for your profile and enter your personal information in your profile
  • People have interacted with you; For example, they have sent you a message or visited your stories on WhatsApp
  • And most importantly: send messages to people on WhatsApp who will respond to you (either because of your message or because of the correct selection of contacts). The more positive feedback you receive from your contacts in this regard, the less sensitive WhatsApp is to your messages, and you can contact people daily with that account without your account being restricted or blocked or any other problems. Send more anonymous messages. Generally, in every message you send to a stranger (for example, a greeting), that person will have 3 reactions:
    1. The first reaction is to click the OK button (or just look at your message) and here you assume that the recipient will give you 1 positive point. Also, if the recipient not only looks at the message but also responds to your message, for example, he also greets you, you will receive 1 more positive point (that is, 2 points in total).
    2. For the second reaction, you should consider the Report button; if the recipient of the message clicks on it, 10 negative points will be recorded for you.
    3. Worst of all, the third reaction is the Block button, which will give you 50 negative points.

Of course, these numbers are hypothetical, and we have only considered these numbers so that you can understand the importance of the story correctly. Now, according to the mentioned points, consider that before starting mass posting, you must reach a minimum score of +100, that is; 50 people respond to you, and if your score becomes negative, your SIM may be limited.

In short, the older your account is, the better it interacts with other users and looks like a regular WhatsApp user's account; it is in your favor because it causes WhatsApp to assign more points and credit to your account and limits sending. Reduce the message for that account. Also, be careful that accounts that have been recently activated in WhatsApp have zero points, and before sending mass messages with these accounts, you must first use the methods and tricks we teach you in this article to check the account points. Increase to +100.

In the following, we will teach you tricks that will help you increase the score of your SIMs and minimize the possibility of your SIMs being blocked and reported in bulk messages on WhatsApp.

Practical tricks to increase account points and avoid being blocked and reported on WhatsApp

According to the WhatsApp scoring algorithm, you can use the following tricks to increase your score and credit (especially for newly established accounts) and reduce the possibility of your WhatsApp SIMs being blocked and reported:

  1. Go slowly at the beginning until your account score reaches a reasonable level We recommend that you start with a small number of messages per day when you have just started sending mass messages on WhatsApp because if you send many messages at the very beginning. Some contacts block you, and you will get many negative points. And you will lose your account quickly As a result, it is better to start cautiously and with small amounts to collect an excellent positive score for your account and make it valid enough in WhatsApp's opinion so that in the future and with the increase in the number of daily messages, WhatsApp will be sensitive to your messages. It does not limit or block your account (for such cases, it is better to use the number specified in the "WhatsApp Limitations" pamphlet).
  2. Use the "Hello" trick to increase the account score. First, send a greeting message to all your target contacts (the people you want to send promotional messages to); usually, people react to this type of message. For example, they say "Hello please " or "Hello you?" in response. And such cases. Of course, it doesn't matter what message people give you in response; the important thing is that by getting the answer from them, you get positive points for your account and make it valid!
  3. Use the "send to people who responded" trick after they say hello and greeting trick اگر پیام تبلیغاتی خود را بعد از اینکه افراد جواب سلام و احوالپرسی شما را در پیام دادند برای آنها بفرستید باز هم ممکن است آنها بلاکتان کنند اما اگر در این مرحله بلاک شوید به این دلیل که واتساپ فکر می‌کند شما با هم قبلاً مکالمه داشتید و بعد از آن بلاک شدید امتیاز منفی کمتری به شما تعلق خواهد گرفت زیرا واتساپ نمی‌داند شما با هم چه مکالمه‌ای داشتید و دلیل بلاک شدن چه بوده؛ اما اگر در اولین پیام بلاک بشوید واتساپ فرض را بر این میگذارد که شما پیام تبلیغاتی ارسال میکردید یا به هر دلیل دیگری در حال ایجاد مزاحمت به صورت انبوه برای سایرین بوده‌اید و ممکن است واتساپ نسبت به متن پیام شما نیز حساس شود.
  4. از ترفند شبکه سازی برای اکانت‌هایتان استفاده کنید If you send your promotional message to people after they have answered your greeting in the message, they may still block you, but if you are blocked at this stage, it is because WhatsApp thinks that you have already talked to each other. If you had and were blocked after that, you will be given a lower negative score because WhatsApp does not know what conversation you had with each other and the reason for being blocked. Still, if you get blocked in the first message, WhatsApp assumes that you were sending an advertising message or, for any other reason, causing mass disturbance to others. WhatsApp may also become sensitive to the text of your message.
  5. Use the networking trick for your accounts In bulk messaging, it is natural to have many accounts (of course, our bot can also use any number of accounts you introduce to it). Therefore, you can use the same accounts you have to network among themselves For example, if you have 50 WhatsApp SIMs, send messages to your other 49 SIMs with each of these SIMs and reply to this message with those SIMs at different times. It is an exciting method of account validation. Of course, you should also consider other ways, like putting up a beautiful profile picture, completing the bio, posting photos and stories, etc.
  6. Hide your account traces in WhatsApp If you use a large number of accounts (more than 50) to send messages, we recommend that you make WhatsApp unaware that all these accounts are managed by one person, for example.
    • Do not send the same advertising message by all these accounts, but change your advertising message somewhat, prepare several models of advertising messages, and send them to your target audience.
    • Don't get a SIM from a specific country and operator; instead, get a SIM from different operators or have virtual SIMs from other countries.
    • Assign a proxy to every 10 SIMs (WhatsApp account) so that you can change the IP the SIMs use with its help. This trick makes it so that if one of your accounts is under the microscope of WhatsApp, WhatsApp will not be sensitive to your other accounts due to the similarity of the characteristics (message text, IP, or other such cases) and your other accounts will remain safe. Activate all your SIMs using the Cloner app on one phone, but it is better to install several Android emulators on your system and activate all 10 of your SIMs in one of these emulators because if WhatsApp is one of your SIMs, identify and block other active SIMs on that device may be fined
  7. Follow the WhatsApp number limits Note that WhatsApp does not allow you to send any number of messages per day with each of your accounts; Therefore, in bulk sending of WhatsApp, be careful not to exceed the limits of the number of WhatsApp in sending daily messages to strangers because this will cause your WhatsApp account to be blocked. For detailed information about the allowed number of messages on WhatsApp, read the pamphlet "WhatsApp limits for sending PMs per day," which is available in this package.
  8. Take measures to normalize the account activity In addition to the tricks and solutions we have taught you in this article, you can do anything that makes your account look normal and natural in the eyes of WhatsApp and does not seem specific to advertising. For example, join different WhatsApp groups, chat with other people, check the WhatsApp stories of your contacts, and, in general, according to the points raised in this article, take actions that improve the score and credibility of your accounts. In general, in the case of SIM profiling, the goal is to make WhatsApp think that it is dealing with a real person who is using WhatsApp typically. As a result, consider other things that come to your mind in this field. For example, activate the SIM in a phone or Android simulator with contacts and send messages to several contacts. Also, join some groups, do a little activity, and do other things you normally do with your own SIMs with the newly activated SIMs.

What can we do if one of our SIMs is restricted by WhatsApp?

Remember that with a SIM that has been validated, If you receive many Reports or Blocks from your contacts during bulk sending, your SIM score may eventually drop below zero and become negative, and WhatsApp will limit your SIM. In such cases, you can use the following methods to restore your account.

  • Delete the information about the SIMs from the system (the folders of each of the macros). Click on any of the options from the WhatsApp software (on the phone or emulator) in the Web WhatsApp section and tap Logout.
  • If your SIM is not a virtual number, remove or uninstall the WhatsApp software (or clone software). Delete all the information related to WhatsApp cache records using Application Manager. If your SIM is a virtual SIM, you should not do this step because it will be lost, and you will no longer have access to it.
  • If using ADSL Internet, restart the modem to assign a new IP. If you are using mobile internet, put it in flight mode for a few minutes to give you a new IP when you reconnect (you have to change your IP somehow).
  • After completing these steps, install it again if you deleted WhatsApp in step 2.
  • When reinstalling WhatsApp, enter your blocked SIM; most likely, your SIM will be restored, and WhatsApp will be activated. If this does not happen, do not use this account for one or two days and then go through all the steps again to fix the SIM blocking.
  • After removing the block, you can connect to WhatsApp through web browsers (Firefox), Chrome or IE).

The above cases are more relevant for actual SIMs, and the possibility of permanent loss of SIMs (if blocked) is high for virtual SIMs. If the above methods do not work، , consider emailing WhatsApp support. We have put a complete article on our website about sending an email to the WhatsApp company to unblock the SIMs, including the text of the English email you should send to WhatsApp. We have put the link to this article here for you:

If you want to temporarily stop the robot while it is working (for example, during number extraction or bulk sending), press the F2 key on the keyboard and press the same key again to resume the work. You can also use the F3 key to stop completely.

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