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General Algorithm of Instagram (for DM sending) to Limit User Activities Instagram Bulk DM Sender Bot Package

Instagram General Algorithm in terms of Restricting User Activities

As you probably know, most social media (such as Instagram) impose limits on the number of activities that a user can have on these platforms. For example, Instagram allows you to follow a maximum of 60 pages per hour, and if you follow more pages, Instagram does not confirm this action and you cannot follow them. However, for accounts that have just joined Instagram, this amount (the number of followers per hour) will decrease up to 20; Meaning that these limits are not the same for different accounts. Now the point is, how has Instagram designed the algorithm of these strange restrictions which is not the same for all users!?

Behind the sense of Instagram programming, it has designed a scoring or validation system for each user (each account) through which it can determine the restrictions for each user. Take the possibility of inserting a link in the story as an example. Instagram allows accounts that have more than 10,000 followers to insert links in “stories”, but not for accounts that have less than this amount!

With this simple example, it can be seen that Instagram has a scoring algorithm exactly similar to the scoring algorithm of video games. You may probably know that in video games; when the player passes a series of steps, he can collect points and level up, and at the same time, new achievements (which were previously locked) would be free for him. These items are, for example, cases like stronger weapons, more attractive looks, etc., which did not exist before, are available to the player right now (after passing the steps). Instagram also works in the same way, that is, according to the steps you have passed, for example, the number of followers you have gained gain so far or whether you have completed your profile information, or even the time you have spent there, it removes a series of restrictions from your account and it reduces the number of restrictions and may also provide you with a series of new items (like the same example we described inserting a link in the story).

Remember this scoring system, which is directly related to the limit of your activities. This system exists in many famous social networks and even popular messengers such as WhatsApp in exactly the same

This scoring system would also help you in sending Direct Messages. If you have a newly established account, you can send up to 10 direct messages to non-mutual people per day, which is really low. But if you increase the score of your account in different ways and increase its validity, that account will be leveled up on Instagram and you can use it to send more directs daily without facing Instagram restrictions (such as blocking your accounts) .

In this article, we have just intended to explain the scoring algorithm. If you want to know how you can increase the score of your account in a short time, you can refer to the article Tips and Tricks for not getting blocked and reported

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