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Tips and Tricks to Avoid Getting Blocked and Reported Instagram Bulk DM Sender Bot Package

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Getting Blocked and Reported

First of all, you should keep in mind that advertising through sending bulk DMs is fundamentally different from SMS advertising. In SMS advertising, you SMS your advertising message to a number database, and if people don't like your message, they may block your number so that you can no longer send them advertising SMS and there will be no other crucial problem for your line. But in sending direct messages, if the recipient of the messages does not like your message, he/she can block and report your account, which will cause your account to be blocked; By losing the accounts, you will have to create an account again; However, it is true that you can create Instagram accounts for free or buy a large number of Instagram accounts for with a small amount of money, but in any case, maintaining accounts is less troublesome and more valuable than replacing them. Therefore, it is better to be careful in sending direct messages and pay attention to the important points and principles that we have explained in the following so that not only you maintain your accounts, but also you can get more efficient feedback in your advertising.

An important concern in sending bulk DMs is to keep accounts safe or lose the least number of accounts as possible. The most important point in this regard is to design more targeted ads as much as possible so that you would receive better feedback, as well as maintaining your accounts.

Two Very Important Points in Advertising

Point 1: Targeted Selection of Contacts Regarding the targeted selection of contacts, you should keep in mind that your target contacts are those who are interested in the field of your business When these people receive your ads on their own direct inbox (since they are interested in your field of business), not only they do not block you but also they may visit your page and follow you; therefore, we recommend that you send your DMs to people who are interested in your field of business (the topic of your advertising message)

For example, if your business is selling shoes, the best contacts for you are people who follow shoe sales pages; Because you are sure that these people are interested in or need your product (shoes); Therefore, it is better to search for pages in the field of selling shoes, extract the followers’ IDs from these pages, commenters or likers of their posts and send your advertising messages to these IDs.

In our package, there are several bots for extracting IDs from different sections on Instagram (followers, followings, likers and commenters of the target page, from hashtags, and from inbox), which is a good option for preparing an ID database from your target audience.

Point 2: Targeted Writing of the Advertising Messages Regarding how to write the text of the advertising messages, we recommend that you start the message with a greeting and have an intimate and friendly tone in the message. Also, consider the psychology of the text so that the audience does not feel that they are just a target for your advertising messages, because in this case, not only they will not like your advertising activity, but also they may even block and report you.

The two above-mentioned points are the most important tips in sending advertisements and help you to significantly reduce the risk of your accounts getting blocked and reported in sending direct advertisements and you can experience the most effective and efficient advertisement. However, the conditions are not always ideal and to ensure the security of the account and the success of the sent messages, it is better to be fully aware of the Instagram algorithm before sending direct and do your advertising activities completely compatible with those rules and algorithm.

Tips Related to Instagram Algorithm (Account History and Scoring System)

According to the Instagram scoring algorithm that we explained in the article Instagram's General Algorithm Regarding Users' Activities limitation the higher the score (or credit) of your account is, the more directs you can send, and the lower the restrictions would impose on your account.

On Instagram, the score of your account (regarding sending DMs) depends on the following parameters:

  • The more time has passed since the creation of your account, the more validity it has; meaning that the age of your account has increased so Instagram level your score up.
  • If you have a profile picture, enter your personal information in your profile, follow people, and such activities; this will help you to increase your account credibility.
  • If you have spent lots of time on Instagram doing various things such as visiting Feeds, Stories, Explore, liking, and inserting comments.
  • If you have shared Posts and Stories on Instagram.
  • If more people have interacted with you on Instagram; For example, they have followed you, visited your Posts and Stories, and liked and commented on your posts
  • And the most important one: If you send DMs to people who will respond to you (because of the content of your message or for the correct selection of target contacts). The more positive feedback you receive from your contacts in this regard, the less sensitive Instagram becomes to your direct messages, and you can send messages to more anonymous people per day with that account without your account being restricted or blocked or any other problems.

In general, when you send DMs to a non-mutual contact (who is not one of your followers and you have not chatted with him/her on Instagram so far), your message will be shown in the Requests section. If the recipient does not open your message, your message will remain in the Requests section, which does nothing good to your account's credibility. But if the recipient clicks the Accept button after reading the message, your message will leave the Requests section and enter the Chats section. In this case, positive points will be assigned to your account because the recipient has not blocked your message, and if the recipient reacts to your message (even sends an emoji), the highest amount of positive points will be assigned to your account. On the other hand, if the recipient of the message opens it and clicks the Delete and Block button, it will result in the highest level of negative points for your account.

In short, the older your account is and the more interaction it has with other users and the more it looks like a normal Instagram user's account, the more credibility and points it will get from Instagram and the fewer restrictions will be applied to it. The most important thing is that if people react positively to your direct message, the sensitivity of Instagram towards your direct messages will decrease and as a result, you can send more DMs to non-mutual contacts per day using that account without being limited or blocked

Useful Tricks for Sending Bulk DMs on Instagram

According to Instagram's scoring algorithm, you can also use the following tricks to minimize the risk of your accounts getting blocked and reported while sending Bulk DMs.

  1. Start Messaging with a Smaller Number of Messages We recommend that you start with a smaller number of direct messages at the beginning because if some of your contacts block your account when you have just started messaging with that account, you will receive lots of negative points and you will lose your account quickly. Therefore, it is better to start cautiously and with small amounts in order to collect a good positive score for your account and make it valid enough for Instagram so that in the future and by increasing the number of sent DMs, Instagram would not get sensitive to your posts. and do not limit or block your account (we recommend less than 10 DMs per day for accounts that have been created for less than a week).
  2. Use the "Greeting" Trick First, send a greeting message to all your target audience (the people you want to send advertising DMs to), people usually react to this type of message, for example, they say "Hello" or "Hello, you?" and such cases. However, it doesn't matter what message people give you in response, the important thing is that you get a positive score for your account by getting an answer from them and you make your account valid!
  3. After the Greeting Trick, Use the "Send to People Who Replied" Trick If you send your promotional message to people after they have responded to your greeting in Direct, they may still block you, but in this case, Instagram imposes fewer negative points on your account and thinks that you have already had a conversation with each other and If you are severely blocked, you will receive a lower negative score because Instagram does not know what conversation you had with each other and what was the reason for blocking; But if you get blocked in the first message, Instagram will assume that you were sending an advertising message or for any other reason you were causing bulk disturbance to others, and Instagram may also become sensitive to the text of your message.
  4. Use the Credit Trick for Your Accounts In sending bulk DMs, it is normal to have a large number of accounts (having said that, our bot can also use any number of accounts you introduce to it). Therefore, you can use your own accounts to network with each other ; For example, if you have 100 accounts, you can follow one account with another 99 accounts, like the posts, leave comments and do the same activities for that account in a network. This is an interesting method for validating your accounts. However, you should also consider other methods; methods as uploading a beautiful profile picture, completing the bio, posting photos and Stories, and etc.
  5. Hide Your Trace If you use a large number of accounts (more than 50) for sending direct messages, we recommend that you make Instagram not realize that all these accounts are managed by one person; For example, do not send the same advertising message by all these accounts, and somehow change the content of your advertising message and after sending DMs with all 10 accounts, change your IP (using a proxy). This trick causes that if one of your accounts is strictly under Instagram's examination, due to the similarity of the characteristics (text of the message, IP, or such cases), Instagram will not be sensitive to other accounts and your other accounts will remain safe
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