Blogspot auto commenter Bot

Blogspot auto commenter Bot

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The "Comment on Blogspot" Bot, is one of the bots in the vUser «Insert Comments & Backlinks Bot Package» , and as its name suggests, it is a robotic software program that can automatically insert your comments to people's posts in bulk in the blogger website (

In the following, we will review the use of this bot and how it helps to increase the traffic to your website from Google. Finally, we explain how this bot works. Stay with us in this article...

How to Get Credit from Blogspot

Suppose you own a website; one way to increase visits and traffic to your website is to get backlinks from credible websites; Although it is possible to get backlinks from most of such websites by purchasing guest posts, which costs a lot, but one of the high-quality websites from which you can get backlinks for free is the blogger website (

Blogspot and Blogger services are the same; In fact, when you create a blog on, your post is automatically assigned a blogspot domain.

What is the benefit of commenting on Blogspot?

You can leave a comment under other people's posts on the blogger website and give a link to your website in the comment. Each of the links you include in these comments is considered a backlink from the blogger to your site.

In Blogger, you can also find blogs that are active in your field and comment on their posts. By introducing yourself in the comment section, those bloggers may get eager to check out your website and introduce you to their readers in their next posts if you provide quality and valuable content.

Why do we need an automatic tool to get backlinks from blogger site?

In order to leave a comment on the website, you must first log in to your profile, find blogs related to your field of work, and click the Leave Comment option under the posts they have posted and write the comment you want (with a link to your website) under that post.

It is obvious that you can see the effect of these backlinks in improving the SEO of your website when you do this on a large scale; That is, register a comment under several Blogspot posts but if you want to do this for a large number of posts constantly, you can see the effect of these backlinks in improving your site's SEO when you post comments on

you can see the effect of these backlinks in improving your site's SEO when you post comments on different pages of the blogger site, in large numbers

different pages of the blogger site, in large numbers; That is, leave a comment under several posts from the blogger site. As it is clear, it is time-consuming and difficult work, and you need a tool that can do it automatically in the shortest possible time. The vUser Insert Comment in Blogspot Bot can open the posts of different blogs on the blogger website and insert the comment you want under them.

How the Commenting Bot Works in Blogspot

In this section, we are not going to explain how to set up and use the Comment on Blogspot Bot. Instead, we just want to show you how it works when you run this bot on your system; However, how to set up the bot is included in tutorial PDF and video files inside the package that you buy from our website. To use this bot, just insert your Blogspot account information and the text of the comments you want in the bot settings file and run the bot.

The bot opens the Chrome browser and logs in to the account you entered in the bot's settings. It starts from the first link, opens that link, enters the comment section and inserts your desired comment, then goes to the second link in the list and continues this until the last link in the list.

How can I get the Comment on Blogspot bot?

As we said at the beginning of the article, the Comment on Blogspot Bot is a part of the vUser Insert Comments & Backlinks Bot Package, and you need to buy the whole package to use this bot. Also, by providing this package, you can use other bots in this package.

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