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Google Keyword Position Finder Bot

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The Google Keyword Position Finder Bot is one of the bots that exist in the SEO Booster Bot package, which is a product of the Virtual User website, and as its name implies, is a robotic software program that can find the position of your website in your intended keywords on the Google search results pages.

In the following, we will review the benefits of this Google Keyword Position Finder Bot and explain to you what process the bot goes through to find the position of your website in the keyword you want. Follow us till the end of this article

Usage of the Google Keyword Position Finder Bot?

If you are a webmaster and SEO promoting manager of a website, you are surely aware that the daily monitoring of your website keywords position in Google helps you to track the impact of your SEO activities on improving your website ranking in Google search results and this enables you to choose the best strategy to improve your website position.

For example, suppose that one of the pages of your website ranks 18th among the websites that appear on the Google search result pages for a specific keyword; you decide to improve the rank of this page by updating the content of this article and so you want to check the ranking of that page of your website on a daily basis to see what effect this content update will have on improving the rank of that page in Google but after a few days you will observe no changes on the position of that page on Google; So you decide to go for another solution to improve the ranking of that page. This time, you make use of the internal linking method; Meaning that, you link another article on your website to this page, and after a while, you would see that the position of that page will improve to 16th in Google search results. By constantly monitoring your keyword position, you can conclude whether you have chosen the right method to improve your website ranking in one keyword or not.

Now suppose you want to perform the Google keyword position monitoring process for 50 or 100 keywords on your website; Meaning that, you want to check what your website ranks in Google search results for these keywords every day and check whether your SEO activities have had a positive impact on the growth of your site rank in these keywords or not.

Tracking the position of all the pages for each of these keywords is a hard and time-consuming task, so you would need a tool that can do this for you automatically; That is, it can automatically search for your keywords on Google, search for your website on the Google search result pages, find it on every page that appears, and provide their ranks to you (for example, in an Excel file).

The Virtual User Google Keyword Position Finder Bot can search all of your desired keywords on Google and announce to you the ranking of your website on Google search results, the bot will do the whole process automatically and as fast as possible.

Important tips

Configuring and running the Keyword Position Finder Bot is similar to what is described in the tutorial videos of this package; Meaning that, first you need to set the bot as you intend and then run the bot.`

Tips You Should Care About When Using the Bot
  1. This bot is considered to help you plan better and it finds your intended keywords
  2. This bot does not need the introduced Accounts for searching operations.
  3. Note that, if you use a proxy in this bot, the bot will just find the keywords in the country related to the IP proxy, so if the position of the keywords is not the same in different countries, do not get confused; and so, if the position of the keywords in a particular country is important, use proxies or IPs same as that country.
  4. Note that if you open the Excel file while the bot is running, it will encounter problems and stop working. Therefore, if you want to check the tasks while the bot is running, it is better to temporarily stop the bot by pressing the F2 key on the keyboard or by pressing the Pause button in the Player program, and then check the output Excel file.


of Google Keyword Position Finder Bot

How the Bot Works

In this section, we are not going to teach you how to set up and work with this bot, but we just want to show you how this bot works after running on your system.

However, the method of setting up Google Keyword Position Finder Bot is very simple and in the package that you would buy from our website, it is fully explained in the form of a PDF file.

To launch this bot, open the folder related to the Google Keyword Position Finder bot and apply the initial settings to an Excel file that exists in the bot folder. Before running the bot, all you have to do is provide the link to your website URL and the intended keywords that you want the bot to search for, the rest will be done automatically by the bot itself. The bot, first, opens your system browser and enters the Google website, then searches for your first intended keyword on Google. Checks Google result pages one by one (you have specified the number of the Google search results pages that need to be checked in the bot settings, in advance) and when the search for a keyword is finished, it closes the browser and records the page rank in an Excel file. Then goes to the second keyword in the Excel settings file and repeats the same process for the other keywords in the list.

You can specify for the bot as many keywords as you want so that the bot searches for them on Google instead of you, find your website rank in that keyword, and finally, report the result to you in the form of an Excel file.

How to Get the Google Keyword Position Finder Bot?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Google Keyword Position Finder Bot is part of the vUser SEO Booster Bot Package, and to prepare it, you must purchase the whole package.

This package also includes other bots that you can use to promote your website rankings and SEO activities.

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