Google link extractor bot

Google link extractor bot

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The Link Extractor Bot from Google is one of the bots in the vUser Insert Comments & Backlinks bot package, and as its name suggests, it is a robotic software program that can search for your desired keyword or keyphrase in Google and then collect as many links as you want that appear on the Google search results page . In the following, we will review how the vUser Link Extractor Bot from Google works and what it is used for.

What is the use of the Link Extractor Bot from Google?

If you are a website admin or SEO expert, you probably know how useful it is to know the websites that are prominent and authoritative in a specific field of work. Having them, you can contact the administrators of these websites for various purposes (such as cooperation request, marketing, etc.) through the communication methods proposed on the website or you can submit comments on these websites to provide backlinks to your own website.

You can check the content and SEO of the highly-ranked websites in your field of work (which are also considered your competitors) to identify the content and SEO techniques they have implemented on their site and use them on your website.
But how can you prepare a list of the highest ranked websites in a specific field of work?

To find the websites that are related to your field of work, you need to find a relevant keyword, search it in Google, and copy and save the links of the websites that are displayed for you on the first pages of the Google search results ; But considering the number of websites that exist for each keyword, storing and categorizing the links of all these websites is a very time-consuming and tedious task, and you need to use a tool that can do this automatically, which will automatically search for your desired phrase and collect the links on the search results page and provide you with them.

The vUser Link Extractor Bot from Google, that we introduced to you at the beginning of the article, can do this for you;, it automatically collects the links of the websites that are shown on the Google search page for your desired term and provides you with them in an Excel file.

In the following, we will explain to you how this list is useful for improving the SEO of your website and how you can use the output list of this bot to increase the traffic to your website.
Next, we will check how this bot works.

How the Link Extractor Bot from Google works

In this section, we don't intend to teach you how to set up and work with the bot, but we just want to show you how the bot works on your system.
Of course, the method of setting up this bot is very simple and is fully explained in the package that you buy from our website in the form of a PDF file.

To start this bot, first complete the bot settings Excel file; All you have to do is provide the bot with the phrase you want to search in Google and the number of Google pages from which you want to collect site links, and then run the bot . The rest of the work will be done automatically by the bot itself.

The bot will automatically open Google and search for the specified term. Then it starts working from the beginning of the search results page, takes the first link, saves it in the output Excel file, and then goes to the second link and does this as many times as you like (which you have already entered in the bot settings file). For example, if you enter the number 3 in this section, the bot will save 30 links from Google results in the Excel, which is equivalent to the first 3 pages of the Google search results. Interestingly, the bot also detects the duplicate links and does not save them again.

Finally, the bot records the collected links in the order of their priority and Google rank in the output Excel file and delivers it to you.

You can use the output list of this bot as the input of the commentor bot. This bot, which is available in the Insert Comments & backlinks package, surfs each of the links in the list and inserts your desired comment, which can include a link to your website (backlink), in the comment section of these sites.

How can I get the Link Extractor Bot from Google?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Link Extractor Bot from Google is a part of the vser Insert Comments & backlinks package and to get it, you must purchase the whole package. This package includes many bots that can be very useful and practical in improving your website SEO.

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