Instagram Comment Auto Scraper Bot

Instagram Comment Auto Scraper Bot

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For a variety of reasons, you may need to extract the names and usernames of the commenters and even the text of a comment in a post. You may want to send them DMs or check the content of their comments for a statistical analysis. Now, if the number of commenters is large or you want to extract the comments of several posts, it will be very difficult to do it manually. In the following, we will introduce you to an automatic tool for extracting the username of commenters. To work with it, you only need to give the desired post link to it, and then this tool extracts all the usernames and comments entered by the users and saves them in an Excel file. Stay with us...

Automatic Tool for Extracting Instagram Comments

We have designed a package of Instagram bots that are included in increase instagram followers Bot and Instagram Mass DM Software . One of the bots in this package is Extract Commenter Bot. In the following, we will explain how this bot works and how it extracts the commenters username from an Instagram post.

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How Extract Commenters Bot Works

Extract Commenters Bot (which is part of our Send Bulk Instagram DM Bot Package) needs only a simple setting to work. After you set and execute the bot, it does all the work itself and inserts the username of all the commenters of your desired Instagram post in an Excel file.

Setting up this bot is very easy, just refer to the Excel file that is placed next to it and specify your account and the post from which you want the commenters to be extracted. Of course, you can use any account and you can consider any post that you want, whether that post is one of your own posts or belongs to someone else.


Take a look at the image of this bot's settings file below.


The settings are very easy and straightforward.

After setting up the bot, all you have to do is run the Extract Commenters Bot that we have included in the package.

After running, the bot opens the Chrome browser in your system and logs in to the Instagram site with the account you introduced to it and goes to the post you want. Then it opens the comments section of that post completely and saves all the commenters with the text of the comments they have inserted in the Excel file for you.

In the following, we will show you the output Excel file of this bot.

The Output File of Extract Commenters Bot

As we said, Extract Commenters Bot will save all the commenters and the text of their comments in an Excel file. In the image below, you can see that the usernames of the commenters, the text of the comments, the post link from which the comments were extracted, and the date and time of the work have been saved. Each of these columns can help you manage the extracted comments in a better way.


Extract Commenters Bot extracts only the main comments and skips the replies, because in most cases, the username of the replier is the same as that of the page owner, and the text of the comment is usually appreciation and is not of much use.

Learn How to Use Extract Comenters Bot

As we said, working with Extract Commenters Bot is very easy. Put an account in the settings file of this bot (this account is only used to see the post and does not need to be your main real account), then set the desired post link and the number of comments you want to extract. Leave the rest of the settings file as default. Then run vUser Player.exe and open the "Extract Commenters .vum" file, and that is it!

We have provided more detailed textual and video tutorials in the Get Real Instagram Followers bot package on how to install, set up and run the bots inside, to which you will have access after purchasing the product.


Are there any restrictions on Instagram on extracting comments?
No. So far, no restrictions have been seen on the process of extraction from Instagram.
Does extracting from Instagram cause your account to be action blocked?
No. vUser Instagram Bot uses browser simulation in the process of extraction and does not use any Instagram API, so it is not possible to identify this bot for Instagram! On the other hand, because in the extraction process, the bot does not perform any of the follow, unfollow, like and comment actions, it does not apply to action block terms.
How can I buy the product? How much does it cost?
Extract Commenters bot is part of Get Real Instagram Followers bot package, and to have this bot, you need to buy Get Real Instagram Followers bot package. You can find all the information on Get Real Instagram Followers bot package, including the price and features, how to buy, etc. in the relevant webpage.
Get Real Instagram Followers Bot Package Webpage

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