Instagram Liker Auto Scraper Bot

Instagram Liker Auto Scraper Bot

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You may have 10,000 followers, but your posts get 1,000 likes! People who like your posts are usually more active and probably more interested in your posts. Now, what do you think will be the value of these people if you have their Instagram Id? Or what added value can it bring you if you have the IDs of the likers of others' posts?
In general, having a large number of active Instagram IDs involved in your field of work can provide you with an endless source of potential customers, which you can use in various ways such as following, sending bulk DMs, mentions, etc. to turn them into actual customers.
In this article, we will introduce you to a fully automated tool to get the ID of the likes of your own posts or the posts of others.

Automatic Tool for Extracting Instagram Likers

We have designed a number of Instagram bots that have been collected in a package called get instagram followers bot Bot and Mass DM Bot Instagram . One of the bots in this package is Extract Likers Bot, which, as its name implies, extracts the IDs of likers of different posts. In the following, we will explain how this bot works.
Extracting the IDs of the likers is one of the dozens of practical features of our "Get Real Instagram Followers Bot package". We recommend that you refer to the following page to read about all the features of this bot.

How Extract Instagram Likers Bot Works

Extract Instagram Likers Bot (a bot available in vUser Get Real Instagram followers Bot package) needs only a simple setting on your part to work, and after the initial setup and execution, it does all the work automatically and finally it offers your requested number of IDs that have liked your desired Instagram post in an Excel file.
Setting up this bot is very easy, you just need to open the settings Excel file in the bot folder and insert an Instagram account you want the bot to work with and the link address of the Instagram post who likers IDs you would like to extract. It does not matter what account is introduced to the bot, you can use any account and also extract the IDs of the likers from any desired post (either from your own page or from the pages of your competitors). Take a look at the image of the configuration file of this bot below.

The settings are very easy and straightforward The settings are very easy and straightforward.

After setting up the bot, all you have to do is run the Extract Instagram Likers Bot with the help of the vUser player.exe that we have included in the package.
After running, the bot opens the Chrome browser in your system and logs in to the Instagram account you introduced and goes to the post you want. Then it opens the likes window ofthat Instagram post and saves the likers’ ID in an Excel file for you.
In the following, we will show you the output Excel file of this bot.

The Output File of Extract Instagram Likers Bot

As we said, Extract Instagram Likers Bot saves your desired number of likers’ ID in the settings Excel file. In the image below, you can see that the IDs of the post likers, the link address of the Instagram post from which the liker IDss were extracted, and the date and time of the work are saved. Each of these columns can help you better manage the extracted IDs.

Extract Instagram Likers

Tip vUser Extract Instagram Likers Bot is based on browser simulation technology and does not use any special API for Instagram. This makes the bot unrecognizable, but instead because it does not use the Instagram API, only the IDs that Instagram shows in the browser can be extracted. Sometimes Instagram does not show fake or inactive followers and the number of extracted IDs is less than the target post likers. If you encounter such a case, you have in fact extracted the active IDs and do not worry about the number of IDs that have not been extracted.

Learn How to Use Extract Instagram Followers Bot

As we said, working with Extract Instagram Likers Bot is very easy; Just enter an account in the settings file of this bot (this account is only used to view the post and does not need to be a real account) then insert the desired target post link and the number of likers you want to extract and leave the rest of the settings input to stay as default. Then run vUser.exe program and open the "Extract Instagram likers.vum" file.
We have provided more detailed textual and video tutorials in the Get Real Instagram Followers bot package on how to install, set up and run the bots inside, to which you will have access after purchasing the product.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Extract Instagram Likers

Are there any restrictions on Instagram on extracting followers?
No. So far, no restrictions have been seen on the process of extraction from Instagram.
Does extracting from Instagram cause your account to be action blocked?
No. vUser Instagram Bot uses browser simulation in the process of extraction and does not use any Instagram API, so it is not possible to identify this bot for Instagram! On the other hand, because in the extraction process, the bot does not perform any of the follow, unfollow, like and comment actions, it does not apply to action block terms.
How can I buy the product? How much does it cost?
Extract Followers bot is part of Get Real Instagram Followers bot package, and to have this bot, you need to buy Get Real Instagram Followers bot package. You can find all the information on Get Real Instagram Followers bot package, including the price and features, how to buy, etc. in the relevant webpage.
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