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The "Instagram Story Viewer" bot is one of the bots that exist in the Increase Instagram Followers Bot Package which is a product of the Virtual-User website, and as its name implies, it is a robotic tool that can automatically check the stories of those you follow on Instagram, and also can visit the posts which are on the Explore of your Instagram page.

You may wonder what the benefits of the Instagram story and explorer automated view are. We will answer this question in the following. Stay with us to the end of this article...

What is the Instagram Story Viewer bot for?

Before explaining the benefits of the “Instagram Story Viewer” bot, it's better to assess the benefits of viewing Instagram stories.

In general, viewing Instagram stories and Explore posts has two major advantages, either of which is described below.

Help the Page Not to Be Identified as a Bot on Instagram While Bulk Advertising Activities

Suppose that, you have a business and advertising page on Instagram and you want to attract the attention of different people to your Instagram page with massive activities such as following/unfollowing different people, liking and commenting on different posts, and activities like that and increase the followers of your page in this way. If you want to do all these activities on Instagram, Instagram may think that you are not a human user because a normal user would not act so on Instagram; He/she views his/her followings’ stories, views the posts in the Feed section, checks the Explore, follows some pages, likes some posts, comments on them, and so on.

For this reason, if you are doing just advertising activities, Instagram will probably recognize you as a robot and prevent you from using your page; Meaning that Instagram may detect that a robot is doing such activities, and may get your page action-blocked or disabled.

You need to do some non-advertising activities along with your activities on Instagram to show that you do not use Instagram just for advertising purposes and that you are a normal user. As we mentioned, one of the normal activities that every user would usually do on Instagram, and it is not considered an advertising activity is to check the users’ stories and view the posts on Explore.

By doing so, you show Instagram that you are a real person because no one uses a robot to check their Explore posts; This will make Instagram less sensitive to your advertising activities.

Increasing Engagement and Attracting Followers

Another benefit of checking the stories of different people on Instagram is increasing the engagement rate of your Instagram page and attracting followers. But how does checking other people's stories have such an effect on your page?

When you view someone's story, you will appear among that person's Story viewers. If you are a stranger to that person, seeing your name among the story viewers will arouse that person’s curiosity and he/she wants to know who viewed his / her story. So he will visit your page and if you have interesting content on your page, he may like and comment on your posts, view your stories, or even follow you. This means you have increased the engagement of your page and the likelihood of attracting more followers.

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of viewing Instagram stories, let’s explain the advantages of the “Instagram Story Viewer” bot

The Advantage of using the Instagram Story Viewer Bot

Based on the explanations provided, we conclude that if we want to use the Instagram bot to grow our page and attract more followers through promotional activities, we should try to make the bot perform normally and humanely; This means that the bot must take normal, natural, and non-advertising actions amid its massive promotional and advertising activities so that it is not recognized by Instagram as a robot. This is where the “Instagram Story Viewer” comes into play.

In fact, the main usage of the “Instagram Story Viewer” makes sense in the Instagram cycle-maker bots; This means that you adjust the bot to check some stories that appear in your Feed amongst the bulk and automated activities it does such as following pages, auto likes and comments, and you can also adjust the bot to check your Explore to make it appear as a human Instagram user.

Now you probably have a question about how the “Instagram Story Viewer” bot works! In the following, we will explain how the bot works.

How the Instagram Story Viewer Bot Works

In this section, we are not going to teach you how to use the bot, but we just want to show you how the bot works when you run the "Instagram Story Viewer" bot.

However, training on how to install and use the software is also included as a PDF file inside the package, which you can refer to. To use this bot, all you have to do is enter the folder related to the "Instagram Story Viewer" bot which exists in the “Increase Instagram Follower” bot package that you have purchased from our website and then run the bot.

After running the bot, the bot will open your system browser, search Instagram on your browser and log into your page. Then it clicks on the stories that appear on your Home Page, and after viewing a few stories, it will click on the Explore page and scroll on that page for a few seconds. Then It will click on another story and does the same action, the bot repeats this process for about 5 to 7 minutes, and after this time, closes your browser.

Watch the video below to get acquainted with how the “Instagram Story Viewer” bot works.

How can you get the “Instagram Story Viewer” bot?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Virtual-User “Instagram Story Viewer” bot is part of the Virtual-User Increase Instagram Followers Bot Package , and to prepare it, you must purchase the whole package. By ordering this package, you can also benefit from the other useful bots in it.

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