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YouTube Commenter Bot

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The YouTube Commenter Bot, existing in the Auto Commenter Bot Package, is a robotic software product that automatically inserts your comments under your target videos in YouTube using multiple accounts. Note that in order to buy this bot, you need to buy Auto Commenter Bot Package.

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Price 59 € Special %10 Discount 53.1 €
Virtual User
commenter Very Intelligent Captcha solving and skipping websites with no comment section More info…
One-time Payment (Lifetime License) No Pay-Per-Use / No Extra Fee

This product is a windows-based program that will be installed on your PC and commenting with it, has no cost.

Commenter Money-Back 7-Days Money Back Guarantee Refund in case of non-performance More info...
Completely Automated
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Active & Tested

The bot is currently active and was tested on2024/04/15
Latest version: 4.0 Changelog

Price 59 € Special %10 Discount 53.1 €
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Answer to Important Questions

What is the benefit of inserting mass comments on YouTube videos?

If you have a YouTube channel and create and publish videos there regularly, you must be aware of the importance of the comments your videos receive. YouTube comments are one of the essential metrics (other than watch time, views, likes, etc.) that causes your video to rank higher in the search engine results. Basically, the more comments your YouTube video gets, the more search visibility it receives in the engine results.
Moreover, more comments can also entice more people to watch your video and subscribe to your channel. This is because, the existence of many comments attracts the users to check out your video even more, making them think there’s something special about your video that has invited people to comment on it. In other words, comments usually will help to convince more people of the validity and the quality of your video content and channel.
Although you cannot make people watch and comment on your YouTube videos, you still can use the benefits of commenting to promote your YouTube channel. You need to provide several Google accounts and comment under your videos on YouTube using each of your Google accounts. You need to log into YouTube using one account, comment under that target video, log out of the account, log into another Google account you have, and repeat this process for each of the Google accounts you have.
Since it is obviously a very time-consuming and tedious task to do, you can use the YouTube Commenter Bot, which has the ability of automatically switching your Google account and can insert your desired comments using your all Google accounts on your YouTube videos automatically.

How does YouTube Commenter Bot work?

The details of how to configure and work with this bot are explained in tutorial PDF and videos that are provided in the Auto Commenter Bot Package. So, here we explained how the bot performs:
Generally to launch this bot, you just need to open the Auto Commenter UI program and choose the YouTube Commenter Bot. Then, you apply the required settings by inserting the link to your desired YouTube video and the comment texts for the bot to leave under the videos. Apparently, you can set the bot to: Leave comments using multiple accounts under a particular YouTube video Leave comments using one or multiple accounts under different YouTube videos Finally, you run the bot.
The bot will open the browser and go to the YouTube browser. Then, it will log into the first google account you have set the bot for. Afterwards, the bot will open the first video link you have put in the settings and leaves your desired comment under the video.
Based on how you set the bot, it will switch to your second google account and leave your desired comment under the same video or it will go to the second video link and keep commenting to the end of the settings list. In the video below, you will see how this bot works.

How to Get the YouTube Commenter Bot?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the page, the YouTube Commenter Bot is a part of the Auto Commenter Bot Package, which is a product of the v-User website, and to get the bot, you need to purchase the whole package. Note that the Auto Commenter Bot Package includes some other useful bots with magnificent features to help you to do many more automated activities related to commenting.


of YouTube Commenter Bot

The general view of the Auto Commenter Bot Package
The VIP tutorials of the Auto Commenter Bot Package
Video of how to activate the bot
One of the tutorial videos on how to use the bot
The content of one of the bots in the Auto Commenter Bot Package
Tips before running
Setting up one of the bots in the Auto Commenter Bot Package
The bot’s running process
possibility of automatic update
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Demo/ Full version

The Demo version is so limited, but it can be used to see how the software works and make sure whether the Demo/Full version will work properly on your PC   Full Version Price 59 € Special %10 Discount 53.1 € Demo Version Free Download

YouTube Commenter Bot Yes No
Ability to comment on YouTube with several accounts Yes No
Ability to insert different comments with each account Yes No
Detailed report of the bot's work process Yes No
Read more about this Bot
YouTube Commenter Bot

Auto Commenter - Single Comment Bot Yes Yes (Limited)
Receive links and insert comments automatically Yes Yes، Only on 3 preset sites
Input necessary fields such as name and email, etc. Yes Yes
Ability to solve captcha automatically Yes No
More than 30K sample links for commenting Yes No
Read more about this Bot
Auto Commenter - Single Comment Bot

Auto Commenter - Variable Comments Bot Yes No
The possibility of inserting variable comments on each site Yes No
More than 30K sample links for commenting Yes No
Ability to solve captcha automatically Yes No
Read more about this Bot
Auto Commenter - Variable Comments Bot

Blogspot Commenter Bot Yes No
Possibility of commenting on Blogspot with different accounts Yes No
Ability to solve captcha Yes No
More than 30K sample links for commenting Yes No
Read more about this Bot
Blogspot Commenter Bot

Contact-Us URL Grabber Bot Yes No
Ability to check sites from the list Yes No
Ability to extract different formats of “contact us” URLs Yes No
Providing results in an excel file Yes No
Read more about this Bot
Contact-Us URL Grabber Bot

Google SERP Links Extractor Bot Yes Yes (Limited)
Ability to specify the number of Google search result pages Yes No
Ability to specify a list of phrases to be googled Yes Yes، Limited
No duplicate sites are captured (blacklist) Yes Yes
Deliver reports on completed tasks Yes No
Read more about this Bot
Google SERP Links Extractor Bot

Purchase Full Version Latest Version Version 6.0 Changelog Download Demo Version

Requirements Windows (10 - 11 ,Server 2016-2022) Firefox (Latest Version) Minimum System Requirements Disk Drive: S.S.D CPU: 4-Core 2 GH.z RAM: 4 GB


and capabilities of the YouTube Commenter Bot

insert comments on YouTube

This bot can insert various comments under YouTube videos.

Advantage: gaining more subscribers for your YouTube channel

By adding targeted comments below your YouTube videos, your videos will be more credible and thus gain more subscribers.

insert comments on YouTube

Insert Comments on Websites

The bot can open your intended websites, find the comments section of those websites and enter your comment in this section.

Advantage: Create free backlinks

You can write the link of your website in the text of the message and by inserting it in the comment section of each website, get a backlink for your website.

Insert Comments in the websites comment section

Insert Comments on Blogspot

The bot can log in to your Google account, enter the pages you want in BlogSpot and insert your desired comments on these pages.

Advantage: Get Follow Backlinks from Blogspot

Since inserting comments and receiving follow links in BlogSpot is free and there are valuable blogs in the BlogSpot service; Commenting on these blogs would be valuable for everyone.

Insert comments on Blogspot

Leave Messages in the Websites Contact Us

The bot can open the website you want, find the Contact Us section of these websites, and send your messages to the website owner in the messaging section of these pages.

Advantage: Contact the website admin for marketing

If you want to work with some websites (for example, for selling your products), you can use this feature of the bot to easily introduce your product to a large number of website owners.

Leave messages in the Contact Us section of the websites

Ability to Collect Links from Google

The bot can google your desired keyword and collect as many links as you want on the search results page and save them in an Excel file.

Advantage: Provide targeted database of website addresses

You can provide a targeted database of the website addresses related to various topics (for example, your field of business) and use it for various purposes (commenting or contacting the website admin).

Ability to Collect Links from Google

Automated Captcha Solving

The bot can automatically solve two types of captchas (image captchas and I am not a robot). Having said that, solving each 1000 captchas may cost you $1-3. More info...

Advantage: No need for manpower intervention

This feature allows the bot to complete the process automatically when it faces CAPTHAs before inserting final comments.

Automatic Captchas solving

System Being Free While the Bot Runs

We designed the Auto Commenter Bot Package in a way that, does not keep your system mouse and keyboard busy.

Advantage: Ability to use the system when the bot works

The advantage of not using the mouse and keyboard is that you can use your system for your personal tasks at the same time when the bot is running on your system.

System being free while the bot Is running

Generating Reports

The bot provides you with a report on the status of the commenting process to inform you of the websites your comments were inserted successfully.

Advantage: Being fully aware of the commenting process

Receiving a report on the result of the bot's activities will help you to be fully aware of the success or failure of the inserting comments and be able to make the right decisions.

Delivering reports on the result of commenting

Long-term Configuration

You can set the bot for a long period of several days or weeks.

Advantage: Save your time and energy

With the long-term configuration of the bot, you no longer need to adjust it separately each time you run the bot, and thus you will save your time and energy.

Ability to long-term configuration
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Us / Our Competitors

Check out our Auto Commenter features vs. other similar products   v-User goyral
Automation Marketing Software
Wordpress Auto Commenter
Commenting on general websites Yes Yes
Commenting on wordpress websites Yes Yes, Some of them
Commenting on blogspot websites Yes No
Commenting on contact-us section Yes No
Commenting on youtube Yes Yes, Some of them
Commenting on facebook No Yes, Some of them
Commenting on instagram No Yes, Some of them
Link grabber from google Yes No
Captcha solver Yes, Extra fee No
Variable comments Yes Yes, Some of them
Use various accounts for commenting Yes Yes, Some of them
Sync with gmail accounts Yes No
Proxy support Yes Yes, Some of them
Website links database Yes No
Easy to use user interface Yes Yes, Some of them
Import/Export through Excel files Yes Yes, Some of them
Trial/Demo version So limited Limited
Chrome extension No Yes, Some of them
Customizable Yes, Extra fee No
Money back guarantee 7 days, In case of non-performance No
In-app purchase / pay-per-use No، No،
License time period Lifetime Yearly

Important tips

How to use the YouTube Commenter Bot is similar to what is described in the tutorial videos of this package; Meaning that, first you have to set the bot settings as you want and then run the bot.

Tips before using the bot
  1. Note that for posts that have a live chat button instead of a comment button (see the screenshot below), the bot cannot comment because the commenting feature has been disabled by the channel administrator. Therefore, when you choose a target post to comment on YouTube, please make sure it has a comment section
    live chat in youtube
  2. If your comment includes a link, it may require approval from the channel manager before being displayed under the video posts. Therefore, your comment may not be immediately visible and could be delayed until approved or potentially not approved at all. If your comment with a link is not instantly displayed, it is not a problem with the bot, and you will need to wait for the channel manager's decision.
    Inserting your website link in youtube video comment

Why Us?

Over 5 Years of Experience

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Human-Like Programming

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Human-Like Programming × The most accurate programming of human behavior simulation.
We use the most accurate and up-to-date programming technology to build our bots, which helps our bots to display completely human-like behavior. In some sections (while moving the mouse) even the human hand tremor is included in the simulation of human-like behavior. Our advanced programming technology in robotics has made it impossible for any of our products to be recognized as a bot by large platforms such as Instagram or Google over the years, and to remain active and efficient at all times. At the edge of Algorithms × Pioneer in discovering the latest algorithms of the most popular platforms
Due to the experience we have gained from our numerous customers and the constant trial and error that we have made, we would find out the latest algorithms of the most popular platforms and their latest changes as fast as possible, and that is why we always have up-to-date information from these algorithms.
We provide these algorithms to purchasers in the tutorial files included in the package.
We also constantly update the bots in the package according to the latest algorithms of the most popular platforms to ensure the successful performance of our products.

After Purchase

Auto Commenter Bot Package

Instant Download Immediately After Purchase

Immediately after purchasing, the download link for the full version of the Auto Commenter Bot Package will be added in your user panel. To download, first log in to your User Panel in our website with your Username and Password (the default Username and Password are the email and phone number you entered in the purchase form), then go to the Download Purchased Products Download Purchased Products

Tutorials A to Z

We offer exclusive video tutorials that cover everything from A to Z in full version of our Auto Commenter Bot Package by following the steps outlined in these videos, you can easily set up the software and take advantage of all its features. Please note that the purchased product file you download is initially compressed, and you need to extract it first to access the tutorials. We also offer text guides to supplement the video tutorials and cover necessary tips and tricks.


Typically, software support includes resolving software issues and providing updates (which we do our best to cover) and does not include educational issues. However, we have provided comprehensive tutorials to cover installation and usage, and our support team is available to answer any questions you may have. Furthermore, we offer a range of special support services for those who require extra assistance. You can follow the link below to read about our special support services: Types of v-User products Support Services

Free Updates Forever

We regularly release minor and major updates to fix software issues and add new features to the Auto Commenter Bot Package With our lifetime license offer, which comes with a one-time payment, you will have free access to all the future updates of the software forever. To see how frequently we update the Auto Commenter Bot Package, you can check the list of updates through below link: Change logs of Auto Commenter Bot Package,

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