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WhatsApp Limits on the Number of Messages to Send per Day WhatsApp Bulk Sender Bot Package

WhatsApp Limits on the Number of Messages You Can Send per Day

WhatsApp, like other messengers, imposes limits on the number of messages that each SIM (account) can send per day. Knowing about these restrictions and complying with them will help WhatsApp not be sensitive about your account, keep your account safe and prevent it from being restricted or blocked by WhatsApp. In the following, we have listed the most important restrictions that you should consider in your activities on WhatsApp.

Important advice: We recommend that you consider these values and set the bot in such a way to keep the bot from exceeding these limits for each account.

For accounts that you have just created on WhatsApp, use the following table to collect points and validate them in 1 week :

Number of Messages to send per Day
Day 1 10 messages
Day 2 20 messages
Day 3 30 messages
Day 4 40 messages
Day 5 50 messages
Day 6 60 messages
Day 7 70 messages

In the table below, we have tried to mention the general numbers for three types of lines (WhatsApp account) with different age and validity :

After 1 week and validating accounts
Number of Messages to Send Max 100 messages per day
After 6 months and chatting with different people
Number of Messages to Send 300 to 500 messages per day
After 1 year and chatting with many people
Number of Messages to Send 7oo to 1000 messages per day

The numbers mentioned in the above table are all obtained from our observations and experiences and those of our customers, and WhatsApp has not directly and officially mentioned these limits anywhere, and may change these limits anytime in the future but the main rules and algorithms of WhatsApp (to limit the number of activities) have remained the same over the years, and we have explained these rules in two pages The General Algorithm of WhatsApp on Restricting the Users’ Activities and Tips & Tricks to Avoid Getting Reported & Blocked on WhatsApp Therefore, we recommend that you read these tutorial files to get a better understanding of the above numbers.

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