Adding Members without their Consent

               What does it mean to add the members without their consent?


               If you use unofficial Telegram applications like Hotgarm                hotgram or                Golden Telegram golden telegram,                you’ll notice that sometimes, your account is                joining to some channels on its own. This is what we mean by adding users without their consent,                that                happens in unofficial Telegram applications.            


               This process is implemented using the hidden codes in these applications.            


Pros and Cons of purchasing these kinds of Members for a Telegram Channel




               By purchasing the packages (from reliable sources), you can increase the members of your channel.            


               If the amount of the members of the channel is your main goal, you can use this method, but as you have                probably guessed, most of these accounts will leave your channel immediately or won’t even look at it.            




               Since you don’t know the accounts that are being added, some of them may be annoyed by this and report                your channel. If enough of them do this, Telegram can delete your channel, and there will be no way to                retrieve it.            


               We recommend that you approach this method with care, and if you have a booming business, never use it.            


The proper way of adding members (automated with the V-User Software)


               In our Telegram Bulk Messaging ,                we have designed a Macro to add members to the channel. This Macro                can use a list of IDs and them to your channel. The process of this Macro is totally different. You can                specify the members that will be added (and you can target a specific group of people), and also, this                Macro uses Telegram’s standard method of adding the members: it enters the channel, clicks on the Add                Member button, searches the ID or Name, and Invites the account to your channel. Like a person, but                automated.            


               What you need to consider is that you can add only 200 members with each line, and if you want to add                more members, you need to use more lines. For example, if you want to add 1000 members, you need to have                five lines.            


               If you want to look at our other Telegram Advertisement Macros, you can to                this page                and explore all of the macros of the package.            


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