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You may be wondering what Telegram cache is and how it affects the performance of the phone. In this article, we In the following, we will explain how you can clear your Telegram cache. want to introduce you to cache memory in general and its effect on your phone's performance. Stay with us.

What is Telegram Cache?

Cache means temporarily storing information to prevent re-downloading. Note that cache is unstable and temporary, meaning that a certain amount of time is allotted for cache (by the sender or receiver of the information), and if that time period expires, the cache is automatically unused or deleted.
Today, with the increase of different groups and channels in Telegram, different photos and videos are exchanged and once downloaded, they are stored in Telegram cache. So that every time you view these photos and videos (until you delete the Telegram cache) you no longer need to download them again.
This is a big problem for phones with low memory, because in addition to taking up space, they slow down the phone and reduce the quality of the phone's performance. As a result, you may need to clear your Telegram cache information from time to time.

How to Clear Telegram Cache - Step by step

You can easily clear your Telegram cache by following the steps below.

Step 1 Open Telegram and click on the three horizontal line icon() at the top of the page.


Step 2 Touch Setting.


Step 3 In the next step, select Data & Storage.


Step 4 Now you need to select Storage Usage.


Step 5 Click Clear Telegram Cache.


Step 6 A window will then open indicating how much Telegram cache occupies your device memory spae. You can also see how much of the device memory is taken by photos, videos, documents, stickers, etc. If you click on the Clear Cache, all the data stored in your Telegram cache will be deleted.


Since photos and videos usually take up the most space, you can only delete saved photos or videos! To delete the photos and videos stored in the Telegram cache but to keep the other information safe, all you have to do is to uncheck all options but the photos and videos.

How to Clear Telegram Cache Automatically

Let Telegram clear its cache automatically.

Step 1 For this purpose, after the above steps, enter the Storage Usage page.


Step 2 There is a section at the top of the page called Keep Media. In this section, you have four options: 3 days, 1 week, 1 month and Forever.


If you select “forever”, it means that Telegram is not allowed to automatically delete any information from your Telegram cache. But selecting any of the other 3 options means that the information in your Telegram cache that you have not used during this time period will be automatically deleted by Telegram.

Differences Between Clear Cache and Clear History in Telegram

One way that some people use to delete information from cache is to delete messages in Telegram or use the clear history option. It should be noted that deleting messages from Telegram chat will not empty the Telegram cache, and even if you delete a photo or video from your Telegram chat, the file will remain in your phone memory until you clear your Telegram cache. So it is better to clear the Telegram cache according to the mentioned steps to increase the speed and improve the performance of your device.

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