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Telegram Panels

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Before we begin, we need to emphasize two things...

There is no such thing as a Telegram Panel (that works as an SMS panel)


If a website claims it can provide Telegram Panels, it most definitely is a scam

Since 2018, Telegram has changed its internal functions in a way that unofficial applications will not be able to use it to send bulk messages. Since then, all the applications that were using the Telegram API has stopped working, and it will not be possible to build an application that uses Telegram API to send bulk messages. Therefore, if someone claims to be able to do such a thing, this is definitely a scam.

Is it possible to send Bulk Messages in Telegram using other methods?

Yes, you can use Automation software that can work with mouse and keyboard.

We have implemented Sending Telegram Bulk Messages with the Virtual User Software. You insert the numbers and the messages that you want in an Excel file, and you run the Virtual User Software. The software will get the information from the Excel file, and by clicking and typing on the Telegram Application, Sends Bulk Messages.

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Can the Virtual User Software application be used as a Telegram Panel?

No. This can not be done. The Virtual User Software is a Windows application that needs to be installed on your system and has a specific set of rules and principles about the use of the lines, and these make it impossible to convert it to a Telegram Panel. In summary, there is no such thing as a Telegram Panel; the only application you can use to send Bulk Messages in Telegram, is the Virtual User Software, and you can install it on your system and use its features.

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