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The Best Gray Hat SEO Techniques that Will Never Get Penalized

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In general, the practices you can do to improve the SEO of your website are divided into 3 categories:

  1. White Hat SEO: A set of website optimization techniques that comply with the rules and regulations of Google. Since all these techniques are based on Google’s rules, your website position will improve in the long term and will never be penalized.
  2. Black Hat SEO: A set of website optimization techniques that are against Google's rules. If not detected, they will improve the SEO of your website, and if detected, they will cause your website to be penalized.
  3. Gray hat SEO: A set of techniques used to optimize the website, which, if not detected by Google, will have a quick effect on the increase of your website position, and in the worst case, (if detected) will not affect your ranking. Instead, they will be completely ineffective.

If you want to improve the SEO of your website, behave by Google's definitions and standards and implement the white hat techniques on your website, it may take a few years for your website to reach the first ranks of Google in the desired keyword! Therefore, as a website owner, it is better that you use the gray hat SEO methods to quickly observe the effect of your activities on the ranking of your website and not to be worried about your website being penalized by Google.

In this article, we are going to introduce some of the most effective gray hat SEO practices; follow us in introducing these practices...

The First & Most Effective Gray Hat Technique: Search and Click

One of the most effective factors that can increase the position of your website is getting clicks from Google search results! In the following, we are going to examine why this is effective and how we can implement it as a gray hat technique on your website.

Search and Click

Why is it effective in improving the position of your website to get clicks on the Google search results?

You would surely know that Google does its best to show the best possible results to its users' search, and to reach this purpose and determine which websites are the best results, users’ reaction to the website that they visit is the most important factor for Google.

When a user chooses a website in the search results shown by Google, stays on that website for an acceptable period of time, and visits the various sections of that website, Google supposes that the website has been able to fulfill what that user is searching for, and so, a positive score will be recorded for that website.

Now suppose that many people behaved so on your website; Meaning that, they googled a certain keyword or phrase, clicked on your website link in the Google Search Results, entered your website, and spent an acceptable time period scrolling through your website, visiting its various sections, clicking on the links and buttons on the page. Obviously, if such behavior is repeated by many users, it implies that your website is popular with users (for the googled keywords) and has a good authority.

In such a case, your website will gain lots of positive scores and Google will assign a higher rank to your website (even if it doesn't meet many SEO factors) because it seems that many users are interested in your website. As you know, for Google, nothing is more important than satisfying the needs of the audience and providing appropriate, complete, and comprehensive answers to users.

But, how can we take advantage of this Google algorithm?

How can we take advantage of the Search and Click algorithm in Google?

You can simulate the behavior of the users in such a way that Google concludes your website responds to their needs and questions.

For this purpose, you can Google keywords related to your website, find your website in Google results, click on it, enter the website, scroll the page and visit different sections of your website. If you do so regularly with different IPs and from different devices, you will simulate the visits of different and numerous users to your website, Google will eventually conclude that your website is comprehensive for those keywords or keyphrases, and has gained high popularity amongst users; Therefore, it gives a special credit and score to your website and assigns a higher rank to it on the results page.

Although simulating Google search and click seems to be a simple and practical technique, but is not easy to do it manually.

  • First, you should search on Google by different IPs or different devices (each IP or device can simulate a different user).
  • Second, this activity should be repeated daily and regularly and based on the principled techniques to be effective in improving your website SEO.

As a result, the manual simulation of this technique (searching on Google and clicking on your website) is practically impossible; So, you must use a tool that can automate the entire process of searching, clicking, and visiting the website. But some people are worried about Google penalty if Google notices the implementation of this technique on their website, but we guarantee that it will never happen!

Why are you sure that my website won’t be penalized if Google finds out that a bot is visiting it?

Firstly, Google cannot understand whether a bot is clicking on your website or a real person is doing it, and secondly, even if Google detects that all the visits to your website are fake and made by a bot, it still won’t penalize you because Google can't recognize if you are doing these robotic activities or your competitive websites are doing so to damage the reputation of your website!

If Google penalizes such robotic actions, many people can easily implement this technique on their competitor's website and cause their competitor's website to be destroyed! This makes Google unable to consider any penalties for using bots in the search and click method.

Now that we are sure using a bot to implement the search and click technique is completely safe and does not poses any risk to the website, we will introduce the appropriate tool to do this. Stay with us till the end of this article.

Search and Click

Introducing an Appropriate Tool for Automatic Implementation of Search and Click Technique

SEO Boost & Organic Search Bot Package

One of the best automatic tools for simulating Search and Click is the Organic Traffic and SEO Boost Bot Package which is a product of the Virtual User website and includes several bots with many attractive features.

This bot would be installed on your computer and has all the features that we have listed for an appropriate tool for this task; Meaning that, it can google your desired keyword, find your website among the results and click on it, scroll on the website page for a certain time period and click on the links and buttons on the page to visit other parts of the website.

Working with this bot is very simple, and all the tasks are done completely automatically by the bot itself and you do not have to do anything more. All you need to do is to give the bot your website address and the desired keywords and then run it.

The bot will do the rest automatically; Meaning that, it searches for your desired keyword in Google, finds the link of your website on whatever Google page that it is, clicks on it, and visits the website. These bots are often able to automatically change the proxy (which you have provided to the bot) to change the IP. Changing IPs ensures that each visit is considered unique by Google. Changing the device to mobile and desktop mode is another feature of this bot, which causes unique visits to your website.

The Second Method: Creating Backlinks in Comments

As you probably know, backlinks are one of the most important factors in improving the SEO of a website. There are many ways to get backlinks, but one of the easiest and cheapest ways to create backlinks is to post comments in the comments section of websites; In this way, by posting a comment (which contains a link to your website) on another website, you create a backlink from that website to your website.

How can we improve the position of our website by inserting comments?

when you insert a comment (containing a link to your website) on several websites, you can easily create many backlinks to your website and improve the position of your website for free. To improve the impact of inserting comments on your website SEO, you should insert your advertising comments on several websites continuously, constantly, and regularly.

However, it is obvious that continuously inserting comments on a large number of websites is a very difficult task; For this reason, we recommend that you use a tool that can do this automatically with no need for human intervention; meaning that, a tool that can automatically enter the target websites and insert your desired comment on these websites.

In the following, we will introduce one of the best automatic comment inserting tools.

Introducing an Appropriate Tool for Automatic Commenting

Inserting Comments and Backlinks Bot Package

One of the best automatic tools for inserting comments on websites is the Virtual User Inserting Comments and Backlinks Bot Package. This bot package is a Windows-based software that is installed on your computer and includes several bots with several attractive features.

This bot can automatically open the websites you want, find the comments section on these websites and insert your comments on these websites. The advantage of using a bot is that the bot has no limits on the number of destination websites and the bot can insert your intended comment on as many websites as you want. To use this bot, you just need to provide the bot with a list that contains the links of the websites you want to comment on. Moreover, the bot can be configured for long-term use. The bot can work for several days or several weeks and leave comments on the websites by setting the bot just once.

From now on, you don't need to do anything. The bot itself will do the rest automatically; Meaning that, the bot launches your system browser, starts from the first link, enters the website, finds the comment section of the website, and inserts the text of your comment in this section. If there are no commentssection on a website, the bot will pass that website without any problems and go through the second link in the list and continue the process to the last link in the list of websites. By inserting your comment on these websites, a backlink will be created from these websites to your website. The more these backlinks are, the more your website SEO improves.

How can I make a list of various websites?

The Collect Links from Google Bot, which is also available in this package, can do this for you. The bot can automatically search your intended keyword or phrase and list the websites that appear on the Google results page (as many as you want) in an Excel file. You can use this list (output of the Collect Links from Google Bot) as the input of the Inserting Comments and Backlinks bot and provide it with the text of the comment and run the bot.

The Third Method: Updating the Content Published on the Website

Coming Soon...

The Fourth Method: Density of the Keywords

Coming Soon...

The Fifth Method: Social Signal

Coming Soon...

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